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  1. thats okay.how's your summer been.so far the weather hasn't been all that great hope it gets better soon.:)

  2. Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I don't come onto this site often anymore :P

  3. Hi there how's it going.:)

  4. And by him, I mean Crosby... (:

  5. Hi. I noticed you're getting slammed about that thread you made, but out if it all, I'm glad you recognize him as the greatest player in the league. He's my fave player (:

  6. yay! mine's sidsational_87

  7. Can't believe it's been a year since the 2010 Olympics began .... This time last year was the beginning of the best 17 days ever!

  8. heey, ahah that's okay!

    and yes i do have twitter :) ..it's CanuckGirl87

  9. haha heyyy sorry for the late reply, i barely use this site anymore. btw, do you have twitter?

  10. hey! how's it going.. haven't talked in forever! how about that point streak eh? <3 ....or that gold medal game. -_-

  11. Russian junior team was kicked off flight this morning for "unruly behaviour." http://tinyurl.com/2e73ztm


  13. LOL winter classic moved to 8 pm ET ... guess it's not only in Vancouver where the weather messes things up =P

  14. R.I.P Crosby Point Streak .... on the bright side, that hideous mustache'll be gone =D

    1. Coconuts


      And people can start talking about something else now, I hope.

    2. -Goose-


      Keslers point streak prehaps?

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