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  1. Shouldn’t that be the plan every day for a GM. If Green comes back I fear another year of dump and chase will harm the likes of Petey and Huggy. Is 1/2 of Peteys injury in his head why they never say what happened?
  2. To be fair Luongo was horrid in the other 4 games and the Canuck could take zero offensive chances in them games because most good chances against lead to goals for Boston. When you have a goalie playing well you can take chances but if is 50/50 your goalie going to be a sieve you can’t.
  3. Woo and Focht on sportsnet now. Started at 1230 pacific time
  4. Rathbone faces Canucks prospects Madden and McDonough on Monday.
  5. Congrats to Mike on his 1st career professional shutout.
  6. Not sure but looks like Madden had a goal and 2 assists today. Game must of been earlier than the 7pm it showed.
  7. Rathbone not playing in Harvard’s game tonight.
  8. Incidentally Bokk who Nils has set up for goals in back to back games was drafted 25th overall in 2018 and up until today had 5 points in 24 games and Nils had 10 points in 20 games for some perspective on how he is doing compared to a year older 1st round pick.
  9. From AHL site ”Brogan Rafferty had an impressive month. For the 24-year-old Utica Comets rookie defenseman, the month of December included more standout play — he finished with 16 points in 13 games — as he continues to flourish during what has been a successful first half of the season in the American Hockey League. There was also a personal milestone as Rafferty proposed to girlfriend, Michelle, during a trip home to the Chicago area while on Christmas break. Since she said yes, Rafferty said there has been a flood of well-wishes from teammates and on social media. On
  10. Got that boners going off this weekend kind of feeling. 4 points this weekend is my guess!
  11. From the AHL website of 5 rookies tearing up the AHL Brogan Rafferty, D, 24 (Utica)Rafferty didn’t start the season high up on the depth chart after a three-year run with NCAA Quinnipiac, but with 24 points in 29 games, Rafferty leads all defensemen in scoring, regardless of experience. Sure, playing on a high-scoring Comets team helps, but he leads AHL defensemen with 10 multi-point nights, including a four-point effort against Bridgeport earlier this month. The Canucks already have solid offensive defensemen in Quinn Hughes and Tyler Myers, but don’t be surprised to see Rafferty
  12. Hated this pick from day 1 but Jake is playing much better these days.
  13. Kole with a goal and assist tonight.
  14. Could be the only way he could afford to play in North America.
  15. Also to Also for a bit of perspective motte was on one of the highest scoring lines in ncaa history. His line mates outscored him fairly significantly. Conor and Compher were in the 60s and 70s bracket.
  16. Lockwood with his 1st of the year in wolverines 1st victory of the year (1-1-1)
  17. Omg the dream has become reality. We have a Focht Woo goal to celebrate
  18. Goal and assist for Woo today. Focht didn’t play
  19. AG is by all accounts doing anything and everything to improve his game. Jake on the other hand did not come into camp in NHL shape. The 2 players in between the ears are vastly different and AG very nearly or may soon be sent to Utica. If not for Jakes draft position after this camp he would have been demoted as well. I think people should expect more than a 25 point guy in 70 games and if that’s anywhere near career highs that’s just isn’t good enough. Most just can’t forget about him being drafted 6th overall because at 6th you sure hope to get an excellent player.
  20. Seems like the Hitmen, Comets and Canucks all messed up his development? Or has it just been Jake has always been the problem. People keep referencing Bertuzzi and Neely as to what can happen for a “power forward” in their mid 20s but Bert and Neely were in a different era where was lots of hooking and holding and smurf defencemen were almost non existent. Both Tkachuks, Mathews,Dubois are all a couple years younger than Jake and are light years ahead of Jake. Sure he gets a lot of takeaways but he can’t do squat with it after he gets it. Motte,Eriksson and Jake were the highest o
  21. Guess we all think about everything on a purely hockey level. Pretty sure most would agree Schaller nor Loui would get claimed off waivers. My guess is they hope Sven does get claimed so 3+ mill comes off the books. The others would not get claimed and 2 mill between them both is all that would come off the cap. Maybe JB needs to clear cap space to make a deal.
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