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  1. I'm loving your -'s :D

  2. keep me warm on christmas is the best, haha fits with the occasion too =)

  3. heeeeeey!

    long time no talk. that stream link of ours never works for canucks games anymore ):

  4. he iss! <3

    thanks for the comment :)

  5. I ran 6km in the rain on Friday, not pretty. Now i'm riding the flu! (hopefully not the Swine)
  6. Think his name was Raberta Ruango ?? Robeeto Lungeo? I know so far our back-up is Raycroft but he's looking like the starter so far!
  7. I bet Iggy, Kipper and Phagoof paid that ref to call a penalty on Burr ...

    D: <

  9. @trose, one thing for sure is that I wont based on your cocky personality itself
  10. raaaaaaaaaaawr .

  11. I doubt that's available, anyways :(

  12. hello!

    thanks for profile stalkingg . : )

  13. not much. ahah sorry for the lateee reply ;) been caught up lately with umm.. stuff. :P

  14. hellllo .

    i just feel like commenting (h)

    ( :

  15. Hey Trevor and Darcy! Good luck, Darcy. Nevermind you won't need it, you'll score 5 goals in the big opener.
  16. All I have to say is Good luck, Have fun.
  17. Good luck with your finance degree, Cory. - Ed
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