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  1. I hate comments. PM!

    Also, holy crap enough notifications :P

  2. It's been like this for ages. I guess you've just had it disabled for so long. I never click on that notification thing and right now I have 1060 :o

  3. LOL! That's nice :P Yeah, he was pretty amazing tonight! I wish I coulda been there. That was by far the greatest game this season IMO. Also, why the F am I getting notifications when you comment? :S Must be a new feature, hah.

  4. I was literally jumping up and down after that 2nd Malhotra goal. I'm really starting to have a mancrush on that guy :P

  5. Yesss! For now, I guess it is :P I am pretty freakin' stoked atm. Today's game was awesome.

  6. Can I say "6 straight"? Yes, I can! :D 6 STRAIGHTTTT! WOOO! :D

  7. Finaddict!!! Long time no chat!

  8. Apples are aiiight. I prefer grapes and bananas though. :P

  9. Birthday - Kings Of Leon Can't find on Youtube.
  10. Just creepin'... Omg you're obsessed with apples!

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v4PEZ9NJE8c Classic.
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