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  1. I hate comments. PM!

    Also, holy crap enough notifications :P

  2. It's been like this for ages. I guess you've just had it disabled for so long. I never click on that notification thing and right now I have 1060 :o

  3. LOL! That's nice :P Yeah, he was pretty amazing tonight! I wish I coulda been there. That was by far the greatest game this season IMO. Also, why the F am I getting notifications when you comment? :S Must be a new feature, hah.

  4. I was literally jumping up and down after that 2nd Malhotra goal. I'm really starting to have a mancrush on that guy :P

  5. Yesss! For now, I guess it is :P I am pretty freakin' stoked atm. Today's game was awesome.

  6. Can I say "6 straight"? Yes, I can! :D 6 STRAIGHTTTT! WOOO! :D

  7. Finaddict!!! Long time no chat!

  8. Apples are aiiight. I prefer grapes and bananas though. :P

  9. Just creepin'... Omg you're obsessed with apples!

  10. I guess that :( should have been a :P, lol. I'm not taking it seriously! That'd be kinda lame of me. I'm just sayin' that you shouldn't have quoted me if you weren't going to answer my questions. That's all. We're still bffs, dw!

  11. What? Why are you taking it so personally? I was joking around with the "silly" comment. Hence the :P

  12. Because I feel this isn't necessary enough to post in the GDT, I'll post it here... It was never silly of me to ask! You could have answered me, but instead you chose to give some smartass reply. I hate CDC. :(

  13. Just creepin' yo page..


  14. Haaaay there page creepa!!! :) I realize you won't be able to reply as I've disabled comments on my profile lol. :P

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