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  1. Stormy Weather - Ralph Myerz ft Christine Sandtorv
  2. That would have been an interesting experience, but no. I frequently used transit while I was there, and the ridership compared to Vancouver was pretty low.
  3. I just came back from Seattle, and I totally agree. It seemed like ridership was very low and not many people were waiting at stations, and most people opted to use buses instead of the train. It slows down traffic a bit too, since its on the ground for a bit. I totally agree with you on the anti-transit part, too. I saw it for my own eyes while I was there.
  4. August 17th, eh? Nice, so that random Canada Line employee at McDicks was telling the truth.
  5. Awww. But you'll need to take it to the airport right? You'll get a free ride to the airport!
  6. So apparently, the exact opening date is August 17th, according to a Canada Line employee that I talked to at McDonalds.
  7. Haha. What made you think they were Asian? Brazilians FTW. Argument - Robots in Disguise
  8. La La Land - Demi Lovato why the f*ck I'm listening to that, I don't f*ckin know. I was listening to Let's Reggae All Night - CSS. I'm totally addicted to that song at the moment.
  9. Nice song. I'm a huge Bedouin Soundclash fan. Meditation to the Groove - Kaskade
  10. I still go on the computer a lot, even though I have to go to youtube to get my music fix. I need to fix this thing fastttttt

  11. It gets addicting after a while, I'm telling you! Post more =)

  12. Real Deal - Miguel Graca & Patrick Dream (house music)
  13. How did you manage to do that? Who'd you get it off of? Holy sh*t, you're lucky! How was it being there when our boys completed the drive for five?
  14. Yeah, I only watched it because my friends dragged my to it. I really don't understand the obsession with Edward. I also don't get what's so good about the book. I really don't think it's something special, but if it can get people that don't usually read, to do so, then hey, I'm all for it.
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