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  1. Legalise all drugs. Take the main income away from these gangster dirt bags.
  2. Love when I see motor cars reminds me of a song from when i was a kid. kinda like '99 bottles of beer on the wall' 'we're off, we're off, we're off in a motor car....60 Bobbies' are after us, and we don't know where we are...'
  3. I think we have a good future crop. Might need coaching changes but I like our GM. He has filled the cupboard.
  4. yeah, we forget what this squad has gone through this year. Just happy to be watching and thinking of the future.
  5. I wasn't. It was funny. You said...`explain like I`m 5` Though, noted. I won`t make fun time with you again.
  6. OK. Hey little bud, listen, your fav prospect isn't quite ready due to team stuff. Let's get some icecream.
  7. From the fans or from ownership? Seems most fans are on the fence at best.
  8. I like Benning. Your original statement that they have 'real hockey people'.... Well, I like Benning and think he has a better resume than Francis in mgmt.
  9. so, the first female pro scout is 'the real hockey people' he is talking about?
  10. yeah, I know about the expansion but.. who is the real hockey people you mentioned?
  11. Yeah, wolf spiders get big and they don't act like regular spiders. They run down their prey, probably cause they seem to suck a making nice webs. None of them is named Charlotte.
  12. I would listen to this broadcast every game. Get it done please.
  13. Since moving to the Island. I have become way more tolerant of bugs. My garage is a full scale war between house and wolf spiders, I've gotten used to them. I try not to kill anything.. The other day at work we were moving a wall for a horse shelter that had been lying on the grass for a couple weeks. My nephew had the mini excavator, we hoisted the wall and he started to drive it to where we were building. As the wall slowly spun, I noticed a minimum of 15 giant ( I mean huge) wolf spiders. My nephew got out and said, 'did I see a big spider on there?', He hates
  14. Got the email. It contains my confirmation number but not a QR code.
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