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  1. That's annoying, I cant imagine getting into an argument in the gym. My blood is already pumping, could be hard to keep my cool. I am lucky at our gym. I get there at 6am and there is always less than 10 peeps in the whole place. I have noticed that some people that use the dumbbells don't wipe the hand grips off after they use them. Most are good when finishing on the machines but the free weights are often just placed back on the rack. I have upped my wiping game to before and after use.
  2. Vamwolfs, that are void of all the awesome abilities...
  3. Do you think Donny could stage such a thing? Honestly, do you think the waddle hump that Trump is could handle that? LOLLLLLLLLLOLLLOLLLLOLLL
  4. Doesn't he go for bike rides etc? He looks in good shape. I remember a bit back a FOX reporter ( I think) was trying to catch up to him while he was on his bike and was asking " who will be your running mate' the guy was jogging to keep up, Joe replied " looks like you are". Or something to that effect. Biden seems to have a good sense of humour, you know, jokes some times.. Do you think his opponent could operate a bicycle? Edit: found the vid, the Fox guy wasn't running.. so the joke wasn't that good, still a joke though, which was my point.
  5. Week 6. Loving it. 199lbs on the scale and getting some nice development. Doing lots of different exercises, keeping the body confused but staying with the one muscle group per day mixed with core and cardio. Cardio is coming back , thinking about getting more runs in and doing a 10k. Last year I was doing 5k's in 25mins so my goal is to do 10k sub 50mins. Always used to do the Sunrun but my best time was 54mins I think. Haven't really ever focused on just the body without martial arts but I am finding it very rewarding. That said, might start training and teaching some boxing with my buddy and his sons down the road.
  6. I'm being cyber bullied! So many confused people. ....errrr...Truth./
  7. Don't speak for me. BTW, the guy was being a bit pissy. Was a bit of an overreaction. Truth.
  8. I brought this up in my response to you earlier. Biden said he shouldn't have been so cavalier, the host and he seemed really friendly and Joe was smiling when he said that. Can you post anything where Trump has said sorry or walked back any of his many gaffes? Again, in your terminology...Biden, not as bad as Trump.
  9. Why can't he mention something about Horgan in response to your post? Lots of rule to how people are allowed to have conversations these days. Anyway, I have gone from pretty much liking what the NDP has done in their term, to deciding to vote Green due to this snap election.
  10. Jones is not past this prime. He is the one chasing this fight not Israel. Although I agree with your brand risk assessment. If Jones loses to the 185 Champ he does not look good and it makes Izzy in the GOAT convo. Still, Izzy says he wants to do it in time. I would love to see it. He is cleaning it out. Silva, Brunson, Gastelum, Romero, Whittaker, Costa, calling for Cannonier. Those are murderers. Looks like he's getting Wonderboy. Thompson is an incredible striker so I can see Chimaev making it dirty, trying to take it to the ground for some smeshing. Wonderboy is also a big step up for this new kid and he won't be rattled by the hype, he's been around. I used to love watching him in that Chuck Norris league, all striking and you got deductions for backing up.
  11. Women on Arctic research mission told not to wear tight-fitting clothing "We were told there are a lot of men on board this ship … and some of them are going to be on board this ship for months at a time," Harvey told CBC News. "In my meeting … what we were told was this was a 'safety issue.'
  12. Right on cue. Jones comes a knockin' trying to pressure Stylebender. Izzy has stated time and time again, he wants to fight Jones and will do it on his timeline. This is Israels world now, undefeated, cleaning out his division, Puma endorsement, etc.. Jones might need to beg
  13. I hope Trump does the lurking thing again. The was some funny telly.
  14. That interview had good vibes, Joe was smiling when he said that, he admitted that he was too cavalier afterwards. He seemed to have a good rapport with the interviewer. but you probably knew that. Santa isn't running as far as I know. The Americans only have the two to pick from. One is better than the other. One isn't as bad as the other. However you want it sliced.
  15. He owned this pageant up until 2015. There is a timeline of complaints in the link. When was he humping the porn hooker ? which kid was his wife pregnant with at that time? Also he has said and done some sad stuff in the last few years on the racist the top of my head..'good people on both sides', the America first nazi style logo, the red triangle antifa thingy, the retweet of the golf cart pensioners yelling white power... I mean, you get the drift. Biden is way better than Trump man, but really that is not hard.
  16. Nutz (of course) posted the story a few pages back. And yea, i think the first thing a lot of us thought was ....well armed guy, locked inside his home he white?...yep, ok ,he'll be fine when the popo arrive.
  17. Haven't watched it yet. Won't be my wifes cup of tea so I have to find a couple hours. I really enjoyed the book.
  18. I obviously like Izzy a lot. I'm a massive fan of good strikers. This was his 100th fight in combat sports. The idea that Costa thought he could stand with him was silly. He is a jerk at times and I didn't like the antics. However, Costa deserved it. He was just as much, if not more of a troll leading up. The running video he produced, the white belt at weight ins etc.. There is a rumour that Izzy is gay. What an aggravation for any potentially homophobic remaining cavemen in the sport that would be, if it turns out to be true. As he continues to impose his will on all his opponents. I really want the JJones fight to happen.
  19. It's Trump vs Not Trump. That's all. The states need to not have Trump anymore. He's causing damage.
  20. Do home growers have a way to figure out THC levels? Like a test kit ?