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  1. I must be kidding myself. I think QH will be a star and a #1. He is still young./
  2. I'm not a Green fan but I'm more annoyed at the players at this moment. It's early so I can be a bit patient but they need to get clicking. A few too many selfish plays and being out of positions way too much. Go Nucks.
  3. YEp, lets get that Burroughs kid back in the line up. I just like hearing the name.
  4. I gotta go smoke one. It's your fault GDT. Look what you have made me do.
  5. Everyone have a Snickers. We are actually winning at the moment. Just had some sloppy shifts
  6. Nah, we're the better team. THat last shift by Buffaslug was their best
  7. Oh, thanks I was going to go back and read some of the pages. You saved me wasting my time. GDT's have been even more of a cesspool than normal to start this year despite our team looking great. Lot's of chicken littles pecking away at my nerves lately.
  8. Had this kid in VIP section of a club I was managing back when he was first in the league. Didn't like his 'tude or his crew. Not surprised he has carved out such a lovely, well balanced life for himself.
  9. Google says.... Mike Tyson/Height 1.78m That converts to 5'8" according to their converter. Maybe they have the wrong info? Edit :I'll answer my own question, the google is wrong ! on their conversion, 1.78m is 5'10" ....my bad. Did more digging and there is a bit more to this, apparently people have said he has fibbed about his height for a while and claim he is shorter than 5'10" ...anyway Zadina is a punk. Edit 2: ahhh, Dumb Bish gets it now, the google convert is a % of a foot at so it show 5.839895
  10. 'F... Trudeau' stickers are pretty popular on, well, mostly trucks around my area. I hate decals on vehicles at the best of times. I think these trucks look so lame. Keep your stinking, vulgar attitude to yourself. I'm not JT fan but moaning your political stance on you $100k truck is like ketchup on a kobe steak.
  11. I remember The World after hours at the end of Richards.
  12. I think maybe $400 bil could be spent on like... many other initiatives that would be better for the world. These billionaires are annoying.
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