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  1. Going into the season, was most concerned about the defense, but they have looked pretty solid. Need some goals from the high paid forwards.
  2. Ya but Van is icing their starting line up and Edmonton isnt even playing their stars. I saw this movie last season.
  3. Edmonton's AHL d squad is shutting down Van's all star forward group.
  4. this is brutal. Mcdavid, Drastl, and Nurse arent eevn in the line up. Van has their full squad.
  5. if only we had Juolevi in the line up. He's a "top four" in Edmonton and Toronto.
  6. Q.Hughes - T.Hamonic OEL - Poolman Rathbone - T.Myers Juolevi - Schenn Which pairing is good defensively? Train wreck waiting to happen, esp with a 5 M goalie that has never played a full season as a No.1.. Brad Hunt is also more of an offensive defensemen.
  7. All those guys mentioned are bad defensively. We don't have defensively reliable d men.
  8. Kind of how I'm expecting the canucks to be this season. They'll be able to score goals, but when it comes to defending a lead, it's going to be a train wreck. No Edler. No Tanev. No Markstrom.
  9. Juolevi is more talented than Gaunce. You can see the vision, the passing ability IQ. I don't remember anything about Gaunce. Didn't bring very much offensive skill, and was not very fast.
  10. best play by play announcer. Was a big reason I got into canucks hockey. Made some epic calls.First time I watched was during the stars - canucks quarter final in 2007. Was epic.
  11. Are Hamonic and Poolman considered a downgrade from Tanev and Stecher?
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