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  1. Not sure what all the commotion is about. His first 19 games with the canucks was solid. He was on pace to score 50 pts last year, and played well in the playoffs. He's responsible defensively, has chemistry with Horvat, and he's only 28. He was okay this year. The entire team was bad this year.
  2. Whatever happens this season with the canucks (Whether they make the playoffs or not), the emergence of Juolevi and Hoglander are huge developments for the organization. Developing a solid top- four defensemen is found gold. Forwards and goaltenders come and go all the time. Good defensemen are huge pieces to a team that teams hang on to for a long time. Just think how important Edler, Tanev and Bieksa have been to this franchise. Juolevi's ceiling is wherever his skating will take him. It's something you can improve like Dan Hamhuis did.
  3. Was listening to Patterson and Drance's podcast, and they were already writing this guy off as an NHL defensemen at 22 years old and 9 NHL games. After closely watching him through 11 games, my observations: Overall solid play Good vision, passing and decision making with the puck, tends to make the smart solid plays Has a good wrist shot, but seems like kind of a weak slap shot Isn't afraid to jump up into the offensive zone, seems confident in doing it He's a good penalty killer Continues to get better and more confident every game Seems a bit
  4. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing his debut. It'd be a huge development for the organization if we had another defensemen pan out.
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