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  1. Are Hamonic and Poolman considered a downgrade from Tanev and Stecher?
  2. meanwhile, Juolevi was getting turn styled all day in the AHL. But he's a top four defensemen on Toronto and Edmonton according to Hefty.
  3. Keith would be able to skate miles around Juolevi, even at 38. Calling Reilley a non NHLer when he plays in the NHL on a top team his crazy. Juolevi has hardly managed 1/2 a NHL season and played in an extremely sheltered role. This isn't an intelligent hockey conversation.
  4. For Toronto: Muzzin, Reilly, Brodie, Holl, Dermott. All better, more proven than Juolevi. Juolevi barely made the line up on the worst Canadian Team. Nurse and Keith are both better than Juolevi. It's not even up for discussion.
  5. None of your guys can defend. Juolevi is going to get turned inside out all day.
  6. We signed Holtby to 4.3 M, and buy him out a year later. Then trade for Schmidt, meaning we missed out on a chance to re-sign 2 of Toffoli Tanev, or Stecher. And then sign Virtanen and buy him out a year later. One bad move after another: Linden Vey, Loui Eriksson, Sam Gagner, Erik Gubranson, Antoine Roussel, Jay Beagle, and then Michael Ferland. We got lucky, and WPG took schmidt from us for a 3rd. But man, if they didn't, talk about a dumpster fire. Outside the draft, Jim Benning has been terrible
  7. There's really no guarantee that any one of those guys would have went to Edmonton, even for over payment. Also, none of those guys could really offer what Keith brings. Schmidt was had for less, but he comes at a higher cap hit, and I don't know for sure if he's all that much better than Keith. Also, Schmidt had a NTC, and somewhat controlled his destination. Schmidt prob would not have waived to go to Edmonton. Maybe Hamonic wants to stay in Western Canada, but that doesnt mean he'd sign in Edmonton.
  8. I don't think this was a bad move at all. Klefbom's career is likely done, and there is a huge gaping hole on the blueline. Who in free agency was Edmonton going to sign that wants to play there? Maybe Edler? but it would have likely cost a similar cap hit to Keith on the open market. And Edler is likely to sign in Vancouver anyways. While the cost is high, Edmonton fills two holes with one move: A top-four defensemen, and a veteran leader who has won three cups. Keith isnt a norris calibre defensemen any more, but surely, he still is a capable top four d man.
  9. But the biggest reason why he chose Minnesota years ago was to be close to home, like why Keith chose Edmonton. I bet he retires, or takes a discount deal in Chicago, Nashville or Detroit, or somewhere in that region.
  10. Ryan Suter wouldn't have gone to Edmonton. There is going to be competition for Suter if he doesn't reture. Keith wanted to be traded to Edmonton.
  11. Rathbone is great, but I think the issue is that we have a similar player in Hughes who would get all of the offensive opportunities. Juolevi might be more suited to be an all around defensemen due to this IQ, size and poise. He just needs to work on his skating. Big summer coming up.
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