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  1. Can you get into rogers arena with the tickets on your phone?

    1. HerrDrFunk


      Yup, I've done it before.

    2. Webster6


      Yeah each gate will have someone with a machine to scan the tix on your phone screen

    3. DefensivePlay
  2. Is stubhub a good site to buy canucks tickets? Also is it worth it to spend the extra money to get lower bowl seats or does upper bowl still have a good view? Wanting to surprise my boyfriend with tickets and a jersey when he gets back from work in Alberta :)

    1. Show previous comments  7 more
    2. peaches5


      Rich suits in lowerbowl? are you planning on sitting in the club sections? I think not otherwise you wouldn't be asking about upperbowl. There are no people in suits in the green or blue zones which about 15+ rows up are so far superior to any upperbowl seat. The upperbowl seats are just are complete waste of money you're better of watching the game at home cause you're going to end up just watching it on the big screen anyways.

    3. kazin!


      Get lower bowl tickets if it's a surprise present! They should be decently cheap on stubhub, but if you're experienced with craigslist go with that.

    4. NucksPatsFan


      Hahahahahaha @ peaches5 comment .. the ending to the comment may be true if you're 85 and blind in 1 eye

  3. Frickin Leafs are ahead of us in the league standings

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    2. stonecoldstevebernier


      except we have 3 games in hand, so its dismissable. Looking like they'll make it this year, though.

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      The Curry is strong within Kadri

    4. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      good for them, our time will come...our fans never stop stoking our team when we're winning too...

  4. well guess we should tank the rest of the season after that 1 loss, its all over guyz

  5. Kassian for president?

    1. Ghostsof1915


      At least Premier!

  6. this is frickin hilarious!

    1. Durl Dixsun
    2. Tearloch7


      ..someone let the lunacy brigade loose ..

    3. peener


      it has been loose since 7

  7. sad fact, i do not currently have cable :( anyone know where i can watch Canucks games for free online?

    1. DefensivePlay


      money is extremely tight, parents wont be buying it, when im working ill try and see if they'll get it back if i pay for it but until then i have to rely on my computer


  9. why cant people just mind their own business?

  10. love it when my mom asks me something 2 rooms away and gets mad cuz i cant hear her

  11. spambots are back

  12. your rep is 69, that amuses me. ;)

    1. PowerIce


      is it creating any ideas for you?

    2. DefensivePlay


      oh thats not a new idea for me ;)

    3. DefensivePlay


      btw its not letting me msg you on here :'(

  13. everyone is eating everyone! it has begun!

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    2. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      I meant flesh, anything otherwise would be inappropriate and that's not what I'm about.

    3. DefensivePlay


      oh yeah thats not you at allll *rolls eyes*

    4. Slender Man

      Slender Man

      Most definitely isn't. Prove me wrong, show me or tell me something that I did/said that was inappropriate and I'll owe you one, just name it.

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