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  1. Is stubhub a good site to buy canucks tickets? Also is it worth it to spend the extra money to get lower bowl seats or does upper bowl still have a good view? Wanting to surprise my boyfriend with tickets and a jersey when he gets back from work in Alberta :)

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    2. Apple Juice

      Apple Juice

      Any seat has a good view. Upper balcony is a give or take as there are some douchebags that don't follow handrail signs to not lean forward...

    3. DefensivePlay


      My profile says I'm female anyway ^ eh I'd rather deal with the odd douche not following the rules than rich suits complaining cuz I'm cheering too loudly

    4. TheRussianRocket.


      Upper bowl seats imo are better than lower bowl. Every seat in the Rog is great as you can see it all no matter where you sit.

      If you get upper bowl seats, I'd recommend trying to get close to centre ice seats and not the corners. Lowerbowl is a whole diff experience and any seat is good.

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