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  1. Been around since 2008. I don't really post much anymore. Although I DID harass @Slegr for a while because of his hatred for Jannik Hansen (I've since apologized, btw)
  2. Very interesting read. Thanks for posting.
  3. I love shows like "Ancient Aliens". They're like science porn - very exciting but not real.
  4. Boss Level: 8.5/10 really enjoyed this movie. Great popcorn flick. Cosmic Sin: wtf was that/10 unbelievably bad movie. Like really, really, bad. I think Bruce Willis was blackmailed into doing it…
  5. For the record, McKinnon didn't take a team friendly deal. In his first three seasons he put up 63, 38 and 52 points so signing a deal with a $6.3 million AAV was kinda right in line with where everyone figured he was at. McKinnon's real mistake, imo, was not signing a bridge deal. If he had done a 3 year deal his next contract would have been massive after the seasons he put together.
  6. Seems like an appropriate level of resentment to carry against someone that doesn't know you exist...
  7. That's fair. In my defense I'm cranky bc I'm in my THIRD isolation due to close contact this year... and the second one this month.
  8. Yay? I guess? Comparing the populations Israel has administered more than 1 dose per person (on average), while Canada has (on average) administered doses to less than 30% of its population. I suppose that's better than nothing, but I'm getting really tired of the incompetence shown at both the provincial and federal levels during this pandemic. On a more positive note, I'm booked for my first shot next Thursday - the first day I'm out of isolation due to a close contact.
  9. Yep. Lost some strength for sure.
  10. The dumbbells are in! Used them a couple times.. very happy with them!
  11. Dumbbells are set to arrive Friday! Damn I miss the gym
  12. Been working out from home for the last couple weeks. At first I wasn’t a huge fan of body weight and bands but it’s growing on me. I’ve ordered some adjustable dumbbells, though. Am looking forward to adding those to the workouts.
  13. Watched it last night. 100% agree with your take.
  14. Sure do love this kitty ❤️!
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