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  1. Was at the game:/ Did you guys hear the many "Refs you suck" on tv?:/ it was brutal!

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    2. King Heffy

      King Heffy

      Good job. Crowd sounded pretty good for Rogers arena; how was it from inside?

    3. Cherries


      I was sitting beside this dumb blonde, we were on the penalty kill and she yelled SCORE A GOAL and then we were pressuring for about 2 minutes straight on one of the shifts and the lady is like PUT IT IN I'm like are you blind do you not think they're trying their hardest?

      Overall the atmosphere was amazing for Rogers Arena IMO. The end was sad though everybody stood up and walked out.

    4. PlayStation


      It was amazing, the upperbowl at least was deafening. Lots of Luuu chants:/ sighhh...

      Had a great bunch of people around my section, many of chants originated from a guy sitting 2 rows behind me.

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