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  1. Got a steak, only option is frying pan or oven today, wanting to cook in pan, but dont know how high to heat the pan (electric stove) & cook for how long

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    2. PlayStation


      Thanks guys:P and it turned out fine but I think I screwed up by having the heat too high, cooking the outside and thinking the middle was done, but it was a bit too raw. I followed Magikals way, also the way Gordon Ramsay did it on youtube in his tutorials.

      Anyways that was my first time cooking it, hopefully I can learn from a friend next time before I try it on my own again:P

    3. Mr.DirtyDangles


      Just got back from the butcher picked up a few choice cuts and i will also be trying magikals recipe at my Scottish buddies house tonight for dinner. I hope I dont mess it up either. you better be right Magikal or i am comin over to have a few beers and discuss:P

    4. Magikal


      High heat, lots of butter, a few garlic cloves and some fresh thyme and lots of s+p. The the pan gets too hot just take it off heat for a minute or two and add more butter. if your steak looks like someone dumped caramel sauce all over it, youre doing it right. Have to go back to work now. prepping for a 2000pc event tomorrow. fml.

      Oh and for the record, the reason steak houses grill instead of pan fry is because 1.cheaper 2. grill marks create eye appeal. 3. easy to hide mistakes/...

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