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  1. PC gamers are by far the most annoying gamers out there. Cannot read a single article without them butting in and talking crap about consoles.

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    2. Batmania


      sounds like someone got their feelings hurt by the pc gaming master race.

    3. LostViking


      PC are consoles, and good ones at that. PCs were ready to move past PS3/360 level games about 8 years ago.

      Its like arguing that Ferrari owners talk smack about Fords. Fords are good, they are more practical, you don't need as much money or technical expertise to operate them, and they have high end sports cars too, but they are not Ferrari's.

    4. Brad Bellick^

      Brad Bellick^

      PC's will always be 100 steps ahead of any of the game consoles. PC master race!!!!

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