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  1. Yeah dont worry, some games just push your console louder.
  2. ON 100% is great, tastes good. It's on sale right now (constantly is) and on top of that, try to find a 10% off coupon code online so you can save the shipping or tax.
  3. Meh it fits him, slimy and screws others over by using cheap ways to win while not being able to do so alone.
  4. That was an amazing Wrestlemania. I am happy! Reigns connected way too many times forsure, then again Lesnar does that a lot lol. Glad Reigns did not win.
  5. I guess it makes sense, given all Sting has done to the lead up to this match, if HHH lost, where would he go? Stay as COO despite losing to Sting? Sting doesn't know if he'll be back, so this is fine for him, and if he does return to wrestle The Undertaker, its all good. But HHH will continue to be on every RAW to come in the foreseeable future.
  6. Damn that RKO, and damn to HHH's enterance. Wow.
  7. Terrible ending to RAW, wow. WWE has been disappointing for the longest time now. Not hyped about Wrestlemania but will watch it anyways.
  8. I believe Future Shop has some sort of deal where you get the PS4 + code for TLOU + One of Destiny, Far Cry, NBA 2K15 and LBP. Make sure to check if that is still active.
  9. If the armour you had before didn't have any light on it, don't worry, the light makes your attack + defense against AI stronger I believe. And in PVP it doesn't matter at all, well not until Iron Banner is released.
  10. Woah, damn +1, thanks for the reply. Yeah I've cut back on my exercises the past few months already. I am not able to do all those exercises as my bad shoulder sometime prevents me from doing so, but I'll take your suggestions into consideration. Thanks again.
  11. After two or so years of non stop gym. Well maybe 3-5 times a week for those two years. I've sort of hit a wall for the past 2 months and have hardly gone due to lack of motivation to go to the gym, and to carry out with my workout. Only gone a dozen times during that time. Not sure how to get back into it.
  12. $500 million dollar game is inaccurate, they included their massive advertising dollars into the $500 million total.
  13. Yeah you can play story alone, you will run into other people online but they'll be on and about doing their own missions and wont affect your gameplay other than if you are running across the map to get to where you need to go, you may be fighting the same group of bots. Strikes (harder boss missions) require 3 people, cannot do it alone even if they allowed you to.
  14. PVP includes Co-op teams of 3 or 6;) There is a raid out today, hard as hell as posted above^ and will continue to be things like that. Try PVP it's a lot of fun if you play with friends. Halo 5 may release in a year from now. Destinys 7.5/10 if you play alone. 9/10 easily if you play with friends.
  15. You are joining the club? In on Colon Dee's party chat.
  16. Daniel Bryan needs to win his title back. Hope he is back soon!
  17. Destiny available to everyone, no beta codes required.
  18. Theres quite a few possible franchise players in next years draft as far as what I've heard and read. Drafting top 5 even would be a grand slam next year. Said to be one of the best draft classes recently.
  19. Could pull something like others have done, like Jagr. Sign somewhere that wont contend, then at the deadline be open to being moved to a contender so he can both collect his big paycheck he wouldnt be able to get at the begining of the season at a contender like Chicago, Boston, Pittsbugh, and then be able to fit under the cap nicely at the deadline as theres injuries and such, plus he'll already have a large portion of his salary paid off. Canucks then revieve draft picks or prospects in return. Not a bad idea for the Canucks either, but I'd rather tank to be honest if we arent going to be a good team. Sedins and defense are getting older, so a good pick in next years loaded draft would do wonders.
  20. Buffalo is all in on tanking for McDavid next year. Dont do it Benning, we'll finish 2nd last and get win the lottery!
  21. I thought he didnt want to play in Canada? Schneider.. Luongo... Lack? What a horrible couple of years.
  22. Whats been successful for you in bringing out your upper chest? I changed things up about a couple months ago and have finally started to see some real progress in my upper chest, still not filled out but compared to the 1.5 years before that, its been a huge change. I finally found out how to hit my upper chest and actually feel it, through people on here, youtube, other online sites etc. normal exercises just didn't cut it for me. Different pec insertion? Or whatever I read. Anyways for incline bench, I don't go for my max weight, I go somewhere where I use my shoulders minimally and lift with my chest mainly. And I really bring the dumbbells down and a bit forward to where your nips are haha (really got to find the angle and such that works for you by playing around with it). Also for many exercises such as standing shoulder press, front dumbbell raises, dips, bringing your chin down to your chest and really squeezing down has helped a ton, at least in my mind it helps a ton as I can finally feel it by doing that. This is all based on my problem that I wouldn't feel it, not sure what the case is for you, but thought I'd throw it out there incase it was.
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