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  1. Check out @BungieHelp on twitter, they are giving out codes if you follow and tweet at them.
  2. New Additions More close ups here: http://www.theverge.com/2014/6/10/5798424/a-close-up-look-at-the-gorgeous-white-sony-playstation-4-destiny-bundle
  3. F'd my shoulder up for 6 months with the seated dumbbell shoulder press. Have not gone back to this exercise, almost been a year.
  4. Rangers robbed, 3rd LA goal was pure BS. Refs decide way too many games, some games thats a no goal, some games its a goal.
  5. I meant moving down, as in later picks, as people have said the 10th and 24th. Also Benning is obviously going to say the right things, even if they arent what he truly feels. But I wasnt knocking on any of the top group of draft eligible players, just the later parts. This post is insanely hard to get through. Benning and the next coach fired after the next season? Hah no, you are kidding right? Also please explain how playing hockey has anything to do with being a fan versus a bandwagoner/i"mmigrant". Third, heck why am I still bothering with you, graduate elementary school and maybe we can talk.
  6. Why do we want any late first round picks? (All those wanting to trade Kesler) This drafts been said to be weak, and next years is said to be the best in a long long time.
  7. Back then there was no salary cap. Also part of the Gretzky trade was money. Oilers got $15 million plus a boat load of players/picks. Much harder to trade such players now. You'd have to give up too many roster players for someone like Crosby, does Pittsburgh have the cap or room for them? Nope. (Same with Malkin).
  8. Didnt bother watching any of these games, no interest. But why the heck is Ovechkin back after that injury? Good luck to Washington. Also surprises me Malkin headed to the tournament, after being knocked out in the second round again.
  9. Is it bad that I do about 1.5-2 days worth of your sets/excercises in one day... (Not all these excercises exactly).
  10. If anyone reads this before 10:00 check out FOX right now. Ring of Honor wrestling, its pure comedy. Channel 208 on Shaw.
  11. Well yeah price is a major selling point when you are comparing what you get out of each system. $100 more for the One originally, when its behind the PS4 as far as specs and such and all the sneaky things Microsoft did. That was a huge deal. Now the One is $50 cheaper and I dont think $50 will be the reason for the majority of people, it'll come down to where their friends are going to play and what not.
  12. Bicep day with Tricep day. Go hard! Chest and back the next day. Day after that is shoulders and legs.
  13. This was basically me. 125-135 pounds, skinny as could be, but great calves and thighs. I do credit soccer for some of it though, had never worked out though. Stopped playing soccer for a few years, didnt workout legs, lost some of the muscle but its all come back in a few months. Love my leg genetics, but my chest genetics seem to be a bit slow. No longer that twig anymore though, but still a work in progress! Meh, I put milk in it, however the bare minimum amount of milk I need for the protein to mix and be able to chug it down. Tastes great with milk, terrible with water.
  14. Wow! Honestly didnt see that coming. Ray Shero and or Dan Bylsma's jobs may be in jeopardy if Pens bust this playoffs, wouldn't mind one of them.
  15. Bottom line is, if he wasn't banned and having to sell his team. -Would overshadow NBA playoffs, Clippers lose because of it? Or if Clippers keep moving on, its going to stick around during their run. -Players were ready to boycott games -I'm sure many Clippers players would not return next season -Would continue to tarnish the NBA's image, this was a move to stop the bleeding and restore faith with players and fans
  16. Massive punishment! Banned for life from the NBA, 2.5 million dollar fine. No owners meetings, not allowed at any facilities, can have no say in how the team should run etc. NBA will do everything they can to force him to trade the team.
  17. Can't imagine what the black players on his team think (and the non black players) I would want out asap.
  18. Thanks for this, did shoulders today and tried a lot of different presses and such and could feel the squeeze near my collarbone/upper chest, hopefully this helps!
  19. Upper chest near the collarbones is still pretty much non existent Dont think it'll ever get big.
  20. No, that should not be acceptable. If someone doesnt understand the Chinese sign they would feel that they arent welcomed or shouldnt be there. May as well write on the sign, Chinese only. Sure have your Chinese sign, but English should have to be there as well, smaller or off to the side, fine, but at least its there.
  21. This. But they should still have English as well in those signs. Even if it is smaller, fine, but it should be there. Going to Richmond already makes you feel so out of place sometimes, this does not help.
  22. Dont mess with it, give it a lot of time off. When you feel you are good enough to start again because theres no pain, think again and sit out some more. Been through shoulder pain, it's finally become better some 8-9 months later. But I dont push my shoulders as hard as I used to stil, dont want to risk that again. I can bench perfectly fine now however, just dont risk it with dumbbell shoulder presses anymore.
  23. 100% buy them. Mine have never hurt since I started using them. (Only use them for some excercises) I used to have wrist pains every day because it would last a few days and then it would be time to do those excercises again.
  24. I do bench press 4 sets (everything 4 sets) Incline bench Wide grip dips Cables (upwards of 12 sets) Push ups Mixed in with back excerises between. I really had a hard time getting my upper chest to come out until I started pounding the cables, and changing up my form on the incline. Upping my sets/reps has made a huge difference. I dont really workout for anything besides looks, I used to be super skinny, and while I still am, I have put on a lot of size, not necessairly a lot of weight though, but I am miles ahead of where I was. More sets has helped me, but everyones different!
  25. Love Lesnar, but its a joke they are handing him everything, when he does nothing but fight once every 6 or 12 months. If they give him the main event at Summer Slam, what a slap in the face of all the others working their butts off.
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