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  1. If no games are played this year, would you support not having a draft and having a mega draft next season? (Random thought)

    1. PlayStation


      Every team could get a great player in the first round and second, and the picks would be so unpredictable.

    2. Master 112

      Master 112

      I'd love to see that... If only for the pure hilarity that would ensue.

  2. 4 years without gold...

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    2. PlayStation


      Cody Hodgson curse.

    3. SkeeterHansen


      Should never have gotten rid of Hodgson...smh

    4. Ghostsof1915


      Time for Hockey Canada to look at improving our talent base, and ahem..coaching?

  3. OH HI! You've just won todays free profile visit!

  4. Oh hi, I dont know you, but you added me as a friend, so I guess that makes us friends huh? So whats the first thing were going to do FRIEND? Hockey? Mall? Party? MAYBE EVEN ALL AT ONCE! Oh my god best day of my life! SO GLAD WERE FRIENDS!

  5. My first ever status update... Will you be my friend?:(

  6. I thought you fell off the edge of the world or something


  8. NO NEVER! MY iPAD 2.

  9. Why'd I read your signature?:(

  10. We murdered them D:

    You criminal:/


  11. Why'd you quit them ?:P

  12. Tell em I said hi next time ;) Much better not being a part of those convos anymore.

  13. I left for a reason :)

    Obviously their dead without us, we were the only funny ones

  14. yeah Tindy your gorgeous

    Psh Junkies dumped me like a garbage truck, what can I do?

  15. pan chote dont speak to me like that :P

    You dont even speak to me at all anymore:(

  16. For a minute "Who the hell is this guy?"

    Untill I read my comment about Artona picture :P

  17. Yeah I do have a problem with you :@

  18. Lmfao I always say I'm going to sleep earlier but never do...

  19. You talk to like 1294071248901 people on here rofl

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