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  1. Wait are you cutting or bulking? If cutting beware almonds pack a bunch of calories. If you are bulking well then I'll suggest the king, Milk. Easy calories, slam 5-6 glasses a day, tons of protein. Some people even drink a gallon a day!
  2. I love feeling a little tightness/sore however theres a huge difference between working out the first time and being crippled by soreness and the average soreness you get from working out. But doesn't even look like the guy came back to read our advice so whatever haha.
  3. Do you really want to kill the guy right off the bat? Hahaha. Even taking it easy will get him super sore. So if he does bi and tri one day hard right off the bat, he may struggle or feel the need to take a day off the next day for say chest day. Once he goes through his whole cycle, he'll be out a week or so haha. So I just think maybe easing in would be good, may be able to hit each muscle twice that way. But hey he's been in the gym before I guess he can decide, not that one of our suggestions is better than the other, just preference of the individual I guess. (Hell he may have a job th
  4. Honestly, the first couple of times just go do whatever you can, dont overwork yourself right off the bat and slowly ease yourself back into it before you start a routine. Or else I bet you'll be SUPER sore for a week right off the bat.
  5. Keep an eye out for amazon.ca May be able to preorder, not sure.
  6. Players played like crap all tournament long, there wasnt really a go to guy, every seemed to lack intensity and played like our Canucks do a lot of the time.
  7. You might he able to simply upgrade from the free version to save some $$$ perhaps. Or buy in store and get 3 month PS+ with it. At least those are the rumours.
  8. Did you guys know Drive Club is coming free to PS+!? I sure didnt! (Minus some tracks and cars in the retail version which comes with a 3 month PS+ Card) Read it today.
  9. For some reason I keep thinking Kobe Bryant and his injuries late in his career (career threatening as well)
  10. I used to have huge calves strictly from soccer only (didnt lift then) gone down in size now since I hardly do legs as Im focused on my upper body since I had legs but zero upper body... But now that its evening up, well not quite there, I'll be getting back to doing legs more legs.
  11. FFFF NBA 2k14 "Trying to connect" mycareer player could be lost... Played over 30-40 games on that, 79 overall. Bull crap, severs NEVER WORK.
  12. This just in: Leafs suck. Thanks for ruining my bet.

  13. Well the gyms are full... Brace yourself as it could get even worse! Expect the storm to last another couple of weeks to a month and the weather should clear up as the storm moves out.
  14. PS Plus is on sale, $30 on Amazon.ca, $20 off

    1. mau5trap


      Good lookin bruh ;)

    2. Watermelon


      I think the same deal is a super store. I saw it while looking threw those boxing day deals

    3. PlayStation


      Yep, Walmart, the Source, and Superstore will have it in store tomorrow, but I'd rather beat the crowds and not have to face the challenge of finding stock. But if any of you are there tomorrow... They have it on sale too.

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  15. Why is it that YOU always seem to have these problems? Maybe you are doing something.
  16. Will that not cause warranty problems? Buying from the US? Just get it exchanged, instead of risking screwing it up.
  17. Well take into account that Tavares was still draft eligible, and was younger, same thing with McDavid, much younger. Eberle, Hodgson, Horvat all been drafted. Account age into factor and Tavares was more impressive than Hodgson.
  18. Damn too bad its so expensive. And Lupul my routers not very far/I get good speeds on my iPhone right next to my PS4.
  19. Yes Wifi, 15-20 mbps when the PS4 isn't downloading games, 5-6 on other devices are on while PS4 is downloading, 1-2 mbps on the PS4 while downloading... My router is rooms down and so I cant do straight connection.
  20. Unbelievably slow game download speeds, anyone have the same? 14 GB has taken 3-4 hours minimum and still got a GB to go.
  21. Unsure if I should get NBA or FIFA... Hmmm
  22. GOT ONE! FS and BB had random stock of 80-100 or something each online, gone in 15-20 mins, got one with minutes to spare. Edit: It was actually like 8-15 mins.
  23. Nope online only somewhere. Many skin sites online.
  24. Found this cool skin picture. Must find stock! I was planning on waiting till summer time, but I cant wait any more!
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