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  1. The best thing about Burrows is that he's so fan-oriented. Over the past three years, i've gone to quite a few games and i've been working to get my Jersey signed by the team and i also have a few 8X10's that i try to get signed (for keeps - not for sale) and every time i've gone, Burrows Always stops and signs and talks to fans. And i really think thats speaks greatly of his character, and as a fan, i think thats so great to see that he does everything he can to connect with his fans.
  2. as much as you've irritated me in the past, your posts are super informative and i enjoy listening to what you have to say 90% of the time. Welcome back. :)

  3. First Professional Hat-Trick for Jordan Schroeder Gotta love that.
  4. Kings And Queens by 30 Seconds To Mars New CD December 8th!!! :D
  5. Give it an hour or so...and then it'll be just straight rain... Like usual. Damn Weather Network.
  6. I'd like to cast my vote for Prismatic as cutest CDC'er
  7. Wow. I watched 101 to see BJ Penn get beat, because i cant stand him. That clearly didnt happen. Also, Forrest Griffin got his sh*t pushed in.
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