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  1. Yeah? And, if ya do the math, that's about as often as any of the teams in the league should be expected to make a deep run Don't be an ass and expect YOUR team to exceed the average Cheer for them to just stay healthy and have a blast performing and fighting so freaking hard for our amusement
  2. Thanks for the fun guys n' gals!! See you next season That was an absolute BLAST of a run and I'm shocked we didn't go further Stay safe out there <3
  3. Horvat could've absolutely LEVELED Smith there at around 17:30 of the 3rd But probably isn't looking to end a guy's career or future brain health so maybe goes softer than he could Imagine that Reaves?
  4. Top 6 ice time about to spike in the final period Get your cheering totems out ppl!!!
  5. You can totally tell Reaves had him lined up then used both his body language and facial expression to try and make it look like he was surprised, tripped and just a victim of an unexpected collision. TOTAL F'ing Intent to Injure!
  6. I bet our boys love Motter so much that this just sealed the fate of these &^@#ing blights
  7. I'd feel bad for Stone being out there knowing his window is closing and a 'team like that' may be robbing him of his last chance But he's such an arrogant freaking asshole
  8. Damn... I usually enjoy Burkie but, dude... stfu please! Demko already got the back of his right leg stomped on by Theodore last game. Don't be telling the Blights to start running or 'bumping' him FFS
  9. Never has a 2nd round game 7 felt so much like SC Final game 7 OT SOOOOOOO Excited!! DROP THE PUCK BABY!! Let's DO THIS!!! Go Canucks GO!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. What I love just about as much as everything else that's going great for us tonight and how entertaining this entire run has been, is that the Blights have totally played, talked, behaved and sulked their way into the role of the classless, arrogant, goon-thug villains that they are while we've remained cool, calm, classy and respectful of the game, the fans, the crazy year we've all undergone and the best game on the planet. Watching us come out on top at the end of tonight's game is gonna be one of the sweetest feelings I've had in a long time
  11. I put $40 on a parlay for Dallas and Vancouver to move on to next round. Stars / Avs game today was a roller coaster ride that set me up for even more excitement for tonight. Would gladly tear up ticket for a Canucks win but the fact that I win if We all win is total gravy! Go Canucks GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Which people? Oh, you mean fans of teams who are no longer in the hunt... Gotcha
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