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  1. It is kinda bizarre to see the degree to which Trudeau hatred dominates the lives of some people, especially in Alberta and Saskatchewan. I think social media fuels a lot of it, and unfortunately, that’s not changing any time soon. But it’s definitely strange to see some places in the Prairies where the LPC candidate got less votes than both the PPC and even the Maverick party candidates. I think I even saw some ridings where Liberals finished as low as 5th or 6th place.
  2. It should still be cheaper, just probably not quite as cheap as some were hoping/predicting. But if Petey and Hughes had both shown an upward trajectory in 2020-21, compared to their elite level 2019-20 seasons, they’d probably each be valued at close to eight figure AAVs on any longterm deals, and even bridge deals for both of them might have been somewhat challenging to fit under our current cap.
  3. Just waiting for the other shoe to drop: “In exchange for this extraordinary concession to the West Coast market, the NHL has also rescheduled all games in the 2021-22 season to a universal, league-wide start time of 7pm EST.”
  4. Yeah, nothing wrong with playing in Liiga. It’s probably the 4th or 5th best elite professional hockey league in the world. Average salary is around €80,000, with higher end players making €100,000-200,000, and the top/star players >€200,000. I don’t know what Jasek’s contract looks like, but he was recruited and signed to play 1C for Pelicans, so I’d expect his salary is in the higher range. Maybe he’s not getting top player money, but as a first liner, he’s probably among the 120+ players in that league who earn >100,000 euros per year. I don’t expect him to qui
  5. I’m no fan of Trudeau or the Liberals, but I’m still hoping to see them make some modest gains from the mail-in votes, if only to make Angus Reid look like even more of an idiot.
  6. Wonder how many more seats the Libs might add when the mail-in ballots are counted? Looks like a Liberal gain of another 2-4 seats (and a loss of 1 BQ, 3 CPC) is definitely possible, which would up the LPC tally to somewhere between 160 and 162. Libs could also close the gap in the popular vote, when all’s said and done. CPC is only up by <300K votes currently, and that popular vote lead is almost sure to shrink, once the mail-in ballots are added in. EDIT: NDP might steal a seat or two away from the LPC though, but I still think the Liberals cou
  7. Interesting to see CPC incumbents in Cloverdale-Langley City, Richmond Centre, and Steveston-Richmond East all trailing LPC right now. Looking like 3 solid pickups for Trudeau. I thought the Libs would flip 1, maybe 2 of them, if lucky, but taking all three of these ridings off the Cons’ board is (pleasantly) surprising. Can’t say I’ll be sad to see Alice Wong (Richmond Centre) given the boot. I’m really not a fan. Hope she retires from politics, if these numbers hold.
  8. No real surprises with mine either: (Kidding. Well, sorta )
  9. There actually is: https://www.eliteprospects.com/player/18459/alexei-krutov Well, Krutov had a son anyway, but not a Vlad Jr. Unfortunately, Alexei Krutov is 37 years old and has been retired for five years.
  10. That’s great news! I’m gonna have to see if I can make it for Saturday. (Hopefully the Covid precautions don’t draw out the antivaxxer crowd for a “protest” at the rink. But Abbotsford has schools and a hospital, so probably the nutjobs will be too busy harassing kids and sick people. )
  11. Hopefully that happens anyway. I’d like to see us trade both Pearson and Myers at some point, so we can apply that cap space elsewhere. Ideally it coincides with upward pressure from young players ready to take over those spots, and replace those pricier veterans’ lineup roles and contributions, but at a much lower cap hit.
  12. Canucks’ new social media team team having some fun with us. Media gets one day in the building, then locked out for the other three. And now the in-house team gives us a squat statue vid. It would be a pretty legendary troll job if all @Canucks released on Twitter was a daily video dose of this one drill for the remainder of rookie camp.
  13. Kid’s got a tonne of skill. Anyone seeing enough camp video to get a handle on his skating? The book on Lockhart is that he had all the characteristics of a top level prospect, other than his skating. Not that the scouts say he’s a poor skater, he’s actually considered pretty quick. Just not “little guy” quick. Some reports say he lacks explosiveness, doesn’t have an elite “top gear,” and isn’t quite as dynamic as you like to see from an undersized player. But he also had his season canceled and hasn’t had eyes on him over the past year. Nobod
  14. Voted Pettersson, but there were several others I could have picked (Horvat, Hughes, Boeser, etc). But I have a feeling that Podkolzin will soon be a challenger for my favourite Canuck.
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