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  1. It was dumb of the Coyotes to draft him then dump him. Maybe a team would have taken him in the 6th or 7th round and tried to work with him. But based on that scouts opinion maybe the kid just doesn’t have the ability to feel remorse.
  2. Well if he is there on a scholarship program he might not be able to go there. Also if he’s not playing hockey I would imagine he chooses a school closer to home.
  3. Man that 2014 draft had so many players in the top 15 that didn’t live up to their draft position.
  4. He is not a victim that’s ridiculous. He learned a valuable life lesson which was that nothing is given it’s earned. Playing in the NHL was a privilege not a right and it can be taken away. Just like everyone else in this world they have consequences to their actions. Better he learn that lesson now, maybe it will make him a better person. Either way Arizona and UND have absolutely no obligation to spend massive amounts of money on his development if he doesn’t fit the kind of character person they want in their system. Kid needs to look in the mirror if he thinks he’s a victim of society.
  5. It’s the same thing with that swimmer Brock Turner whose parents defended him. When kids come from entitled assh@le parents they’re going to be entitled assh@les too. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree as they say. If his parents were good people they would have come out and apologized themselves and punished him rather than defend him.
  6. Any energy stocks you would be looking at in particular if it’s a Biden win?
  7. Their claim is that they didn’t know how bad his bullying actually was. Its one thing to help a bully who was simply harassing other kids. This was not your every day bullying. He was on a whole other level of bullying that lead him to juvenile court. I think they thought it was their best chance at getting a higher ranked player late. But after seeing the controversy and assessing the baggage he comes with decided it wasn’t worth it.
  8. Sidney Crosby too. Pretty much half the league has been on it. To single out Pettersson just shows she’s looking for attention and she knows Canucks fans will give it to her.
  9. Sorry but you’re not a child at 14. That’s when who you are as a person is being cemented. He had his chance to redeem himself. He had 4 years before he was drafted to reach out and apologize. He failed at that. He still has a chance to redeem himself but it won’t be the Coyotes that give him that chance. If he works hard at UND and makes amends for what he did then maybe a team will give him a chance. Playing in the NHL is a privilege though not a right.
  10. I find it ironic how she’s telling everyone who disagrees with her that they don’t have to follow her. Guess what? You don’t have to listen to Spittin Chiclets either. Good thing is they have control over their podcast and their sponsors all know what the show is about. But good luck with the Cancel Crusade...
  11. People who use Twitter to try and shape the world the way they want it are honestly the worst people in the world. The self righteousness coming out of some of these people is nauseating.
  12. New to the stock market. Any predictions/insights to what a Biden vs a Trump win could mean to the market?
  13. I don’t think getting punished is earning a second chance. He’s gotta reach out to the kid he bullied in a meaningful way. Maybe volunteer with some special needs programs. Do something that shows he’s seen the error of his ways. Theres no way in today’s climate and with the recent creation of the Hockey Diversity Alliance, that this kid wasn’t going to face to music.
  14. So some people are actually criticizing him for going on despite half the league already appearing on it? I gotta believe these are just Flames trolls trying to create controversy. I can’t imagine real Canucks fans caring about this.
  15. That’s the thing. This wasn’t a one time oops I got too drunk and made a mistake type thing. This was clearly a long pattern of him preying on someone weaker and basically being a racist prick. I believe in giving second chances but he’s gotta earn this one. And so far I haven’t seen anything from him that says he has.