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  1. Cooke stepping up? I think you might be thinking of a different player. Cooke was a notorious cheap shot artist and turtle around the league. I loved the way he played but he crossed the line too much and couldn’t back it up.
  2. Honestly teammates probably get sick of standing up for him every time he gets himself in trouble. The same thing happened with Matt Cooke. After awhile it’s like “seriously, stop doing dumb sh@$ and expecting us to bail you out” The difference between Matthew and Brady is that Brady actually plays fairly clean is able to stand up for himself when he crosses the line.
  3. It always came down to center depth for the Knights. People thought Montreal’s was too weak, but there’s looks like the 09 Penguins compared to them.
  4. Boeser has averaged more points and is only one year older. Yet some fans think we need to add a top 10 pick on top of trading him to land Tkachuk. That is overrated.
  5. Ridiculous. I get that we’re desperate to add some truculence to the team but he isn’t the answer and definitely not at that price.
  6. Man is Tkachuk overrated on here… I know fans still like to whine about passing on him but I think his value is being built up way too high.
  7. I mean Bernier and Campbell were 11th overall picks. Would you be happy drafting players like that at 9?
  8. Goalies taken in the first round are too unpredictable. Thats why you don’t see many taken top 10. More often than not they bust or just become backups. Also in the last 20 years there have only been a handful of star goalies taken in the first round. Not one Swedish goalie has been taken in that timeframe either. In fact I’m not sure I can think of one Swedish goalie ever taken in the first round. The more I think about it the more I don’t think there’s any chance we take a goalie. We trade the pick long before that.
  9. So basically would just take Johnson or McTavish going top 8 to have a D man fall.
  10. Meh. Just draft McTavish with the 9th and wait for him to develop. Don’t need that turd weasel on this team.
  11. Boeser alone is worth Tkachuk. Don’t need to add a high first and a good prospect. I wouldn’t make a proposal cause I don’t want that turd on my team.
  12. According to Spector the way to fix NHL officiating is to give Dubas a job at the NHL hockey ops. Lol. Leafs fans really are delusional.
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