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  1. He’s trying to send a message to his top guys. Meanwhile we’re down two goals and those guys are our best chance to score. Guess he’s okay throwing away a game to send a message .
  2. The wild just happily watch the clock tick down while they play basic trap hockey that Green can’t counter.
  3. Look how hard they have to work just to create one scoring chance. It seems like if Minnesota doesn’t make a mistake they just can’t create anything.
  4. It’s not dyed. Thats what happens to a person who eats nothing but ketchup their whole life.
  5. It’s just frustrating because there’s an obvious blueprint for how top teams play and this team seems no closer to it then when Green took over.
  6. So look what Sutter is doing in Calgary with a roster that is no better than ours. The team plays with structure, intensity, and discipline. Oh and he rolls 4 lines! I just don’t understand how Benning can watch this team play with the roster he’s assembled and think it’s performing to its capabilities.
  7. So the question is why is this team always so nervous and unprepared? I think the answer is obvious.
  8. He’s a good depth guy. Hes not as good as the role Green is playing him in though. Placeholder for Motte.
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