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  1. We want guys that want to “rock and roll”. I think we all know what that means. **sniff sniff** Also didn’t he veto a trade there? What’s he talking about guys that wanna be there. Statsny had to beg him to come there.
  2. Some of these GMs are really screwing the market with these overpayments… So much for a flat cap.
  3. Is there any agent that likes the spotlight of a big negotiation more than him? I find him very unprofessional the way he uses the media. Talking about the Canucks cap management and basically signalling teams to put in an offer sheet.
  4. Cause he’s not that good… Benefited from a good Boston team and probably priced himself out of the market.
  5. Neither of those guys could be offer sheeted though could they? Im thinking they get Pettersson done sooner rather than later. Hughes they can take all summer. No need to rush there, especially if his agent is throwing out 8 million plus as a starting point l.
  6. Barzal is the comparable for a 3 year. Aho is the comparable for a 5 year. It shouldn’t take too long to bang out a number. I would say 7.5x3 or 8x4 or 8.5x5. Get it done Jimbo!
  7. No he took his buddy Ehrhoffs advice and went to the place that gave him the best chance to win a cup.
  8. His average skating didn’t allow him to get into puck battles fast enough to even throw the body. Okay skater North/south but to make the NHL you’ve gotta be a multi dimensional skater. He just couldn’t cut it.
  9. Yes but there’s something called the cap. They can’t add Eichel without clearing at least 13 million. Meaning it ain’t happening.
  10. That doesn’t solve the cap space. Still need about 8 million in that package.
  11. Some people seem to have short memories. This was a team that had the following contracts: Michael Del Zotto: 2 years 6 million (3.0 AAV) Erik Gudbranson: 3 years 12 million (4.0 AAV) Luca Sbisa: 3 years 10.8 mil (3.6 AAV) 2.5 mil is nothing compared to what these guys made. I’ll take Poolman over any one of them.
  12. They’re still over the cap. Only way they fit Eichel is if they ship out around 13 million in cap. Players like Smith, Tuch, and Stephenson would have to be part of the deal.
  13. Looks like we’re headed for another lockout. GMs just never learn.
  14. Step 1: Sign all the French Canadian players Step 2: Step 3: Stanley Cup
  15. Glad he’s out of the division just so we don’t have to have commentators pump up his antics every game.
  16. Glad he’s able to continue his career over here. Seems like he never took managements advice of working on his skating. Every time it got brought up he seemed to get defensive. Really the only thing that held him back from being a 4th line center at the NHL level IMO.
  17. Feel like he would be the perfect type of D man to develop as Hughes partner. No idea what it would cost to pry him away but we need to start looking for a stud stay at home guy around Hughes age to develop now IMO. Maybe they think Woo is that guy?
  18. What’s up with Ryan Murray? Still hasn’t signed? Wonder if we could get him on the cheap. Was a regular top 4 under Shaw in Columbus.
  19. Vegas almost two mil over the cap with another player to sign no? Wonder how they’re gonna get under.
  20. And with the 1st selection in the 2022 draft…
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