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  1. This is where Benning needs to grow a pair and publicly call out the league. I know exactly what Burkie would be saying in this situation.
  2. And when someone like Miller or Hughes or Boeser sustain an injury will the league even care? Just reckless disregard for their employees.
  3. If we keep it under 7 that will be a win. Hopefully we get a bit of mercy from the Oilers.
  4. I hope that Edmonton is at least a little sympathetic to our situation and go a bit easy on us. I wouldn’t blame the players if they skated around half speed tomorrow and didn’t even touch the puck. Just make a joke out of the whole laughable situation. Demko or Holtby should just step out of the net when a shot is made just to give an F U to the league.
  5. Hell I’d take worksafe stepping in at this point...
  6. Oh boy: So... Hughes Hamonic Juolvei Myers Brisebois Rafferty McDavid and Draisaitl are gonna have a field day.
  7. Just what a team needs after 2.5 weeks off. A hard practice followed by a back to back.
  8. Any news on Petey? I thought I read Benning say he could potentially play this week?
  9. So can we assume everyone else is ready to go? Only being down one D is at least a positive I guess if that’s the case.
  10. 2 years of pro is all it takes I guess...
  11. “Full lineup” Yea right, they’re gonna have to band aid together a roster with no practice time. I still can’t believe the NHLPA is silent on this. Players are gonna get hurt.
  12. I think by next season he gets a serious look. He would be a perfect bottom 6er on a cheap contract. We don’t currently have any player that brings his mix of size and skill.
  13. It has improved quite a bit as has his 5 on 5 play. He’s a goal a game player in the AHL right now. Something I don’t think we’ve ever seen from a 22 year old prospect in this organization:
  14. I would lose my mind if we lose a big rugged power forward or a gritty center that turn into 30 goal scorers. Protecting prospects is more important to me than protecting 26 year old fourth liners. And I’m a big Motte fan but you just have to look at this teams trajectory. We’re on a slow rebuild because ownership dragged their feet. We’re gonna need as many prospects as possible.
  15. You select guys for your farm team too. If all we offer them is average overpaid players they may choose to take a prospect from us. Prospects are what we’re able to part with least right now with the cap crunch.
  16. Tough to give up on Motte but we also can’t be walking away from a young budding power forward. And we’re gonna need as much cheap scoring as possible. I try to make a deal with Seattle. They may value a 3rd round pick and a lesser prospect over Motte. Who knows? I do know Motte has likely hit his peak and if Gadjovich hits his potential we would be kicking ourselves for protecting a bottom 6 energy guy over him.
  17. Agreed. Can’t let this guy go and have him become that power forward we’ve been looking for since drafting Virtanen
  18. If he continues the way he has they’ll be forced to protect him. Can’t give up on a prospect putting up better AHL numbers than any u23 prospect we’ve had in a long time. Seattle would gladly snag up an ELC goal scorer with size from us. Benning better not think he can slip him under the radar.
  19. Tie Bettmans arms and legs to the posts and make him go in net.
  20. Meh. Not really worried about the Flames. If we’re a long shot to make the playoffs then they have no chance. If we can’t catch the Habs it doesn’t really matter what the Flames do.
  21. I hope not but if that’s the cost of doing business we gotta do it. A 2nd round pick will not help this current core for another 5 or 6 years if at all. We need to be integrating in as many young players now to grow with the core as possible. Gadjovich and Lind are the perfect age to start growing with the current core. And both bring an edge that this team sorely lacks.
  22. Everyone likes him but you’ve gotta consider his age and role on the team. He’s got maybe another 4 years of being a top pker. We might get one year of his prime where we’re a contender if we’re lucky. Gadjovich on the other hand is 22 and just entering his prime years. He brings an element of size and net front presence this team has been looking for since 2014. We can’t just walk away from that when he’s just taking that next step. We can’t be sacrificing scoring for bottom 6 role players. We’ve done enough of that in Bennings tenure.
  23. Pearson will be protected apparently. But if they don’t plan on using a spot for Gadjovich they better trade him before the draft, or make a deal with Seattle to take Holtby.
  24. I protect Gadjovich over Motte to be honest. Probably not a popular opinion but it would be insane to give away Gadjovich not knowing his full upside. We know what we’re giving away with Motte at least. He’s a great bottom 6 guy but not irreplaceable. Expose Motte, Myers, and Holtby and hope they need a goalie.
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