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  1. What a troll. Why is this relevant? This is why the players hate the media. Constantly trying to stir the pot.
  2. Were both different teams than we were before. Its gonna be a challenge.
  3. I call out McDavid and he immediately puts up 3 points in the 3rd. See you guys Wednesday when he plays the Habs again.
  4. Done on purpose. Every time I criticize a Canuck player they score. Apparently it works on opposition players too.
  5. Looking ahead the Sens are not going to be an easy team. They’re playing their best hockey of the season right now. Not the same team we faced earlier. Gonna be a very tough test.
  6. McDavid is getting shut down just like he will in the playoffs. The Oilers don’t have an answer when they play a defensively suffocating team like the Habs.
  7. And this is exactly why the media was banned from practices...
  8. Usually a home team gets that call. What about one that just got decimated by COVID? Gove us a freakin break!
  9. That’s the rumour. Eliotte mentioned it on HNIC. Sounds like the Canucks wanna bring their team closer to home. California would be the best option but they might want them in Abbottsford or even Van.
  10. 6-1 Leafs. Sorry guys but with Matthews and a Nylander back and the Canucks just returning from a serious illness it’s not looking good.
  11. Do you really see Green playing him more than half the remaining games? I’d be surprised if he plays more than one.
  12. Edler Myers Hughes Hamonic Sautner Chatfield Or Edler Rafferty Hughes Hamonic Myers Chatfield
  13. 2 assists and some great physical play from Bennett tonight. Like I said Calgary could be regretting this very shortly.
  14. Look what Bergevin was able to do in one summer. Made some very good moves with very little.
  15. He was picking high because the Sedin era was ending and he basically had to build a team from scratch. If Gillis didn’t leave completely bare cupboards maybe he’d be farther ahead.
  16. Maybe if the media didn’t constantly speculate and create controversy (basically act like professionals) they’d be allowed in. The player are having a tough enough time recovering, they don’t need the media in there trying to stir the pot for ratings.
  17. Depends where they put them. If they can put them in like Kelowna there would be less distractions and media attention. It makes sense for Utica to have a farm team for a team they actually cheer for.
  18. He’s a very good scout that has reshaped our roster through the draft yes. Right now that is very valuable to us. Once we have all the core pieces in place it will be up to a GM like a Stan Bowman with championship experience to take the roster to the next level.
  19. The thing is Bennings drafts are producing talent at a level this organization has not seen too often. So as much as fans complain about his managing of the roster, we badly need the talent that he’s able to find in the draft. The Aquilinis see this and will give him more time to find talent before a new GM comes in and takes the team to the next level.
  20. So we basically went from “he could play at the end of the week” to “he might not be back at all” If they don’t know they should really just shut up about it. Clearly they had no idea.
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