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  1. Just over 8 minutes and a -2 Rough game for a debut.
  2. Much like with Gudbranson teams covet them for being able to hit and fight. Their D zone play has always been suspect though.
  3. Lol that was the gentlest tap ever. Man hockey fans have become soft. Dirty? Give me a break.
  4. Green needs to get 4 lines going and just roll them in a game like this. He tries too hard to play the matchup game and it ends up burning out our top guys with too many minutes. Theres a reason why we’re always so much worse on the road under Green.
  5. He’s just missing his boes friend. This is why people don’t give Brock enough credit. He makes that line go. He not only knows how to get into shooting positions, his shot makes goalies shake in their pads.
  6. Can’t we just send down Dowling and Petan? Id actually be surprised if Benning doesn’t claim Grant. Seems to be exactly the type of player has collected over the last 7 years. Only thing that might keep him away is that he’s signed another year. Even then he’s a good bottom 6 replacement for Sutter next season at the very least.
  7. Umm I believe there was a fan favourite in Detroit who used to throw reverse hits all the time, and he was a lot bigger than Garland. What a salty little turd. Instead of talking trash go buy your goalie a beer. Only reason you won.
  8. Would be a good Sutter replacement. Even with Motte back our pk isn’t good enough. We can’t wait around for Sutter to get healthy. If we can fit him under the cap we should do it.
  9. Meh. We have Hoglander and Garland who are just as skilled and don’t play soft.
  10. Okay cool thanks! They showed him celebrating when talking about Podz. They kinda look alike.
  11. Yep. Put up or shut up. Don’t say how much you wanna win and then be a weak link. We know how good he can be. You gotta put in the work though.
  12. I think it’s more important to be mobile on D when the forwards aren’t skating to be honest. Schenn would have brought toughness but compounded the problem of not moving the puck fast enough.
  13. Their problem is there’s too much chase. They need to play dump and retrieve. That’s the missing ingredient right now.
  14. Yep that’s what I’m talking about with the cringe. He says stuff like that all the time that just makes you go ummm what?
  15. And you’ll go quiet if they win. Gotta love fans that make big statements based off one period.
  16. That’s what good goalies do. He’s given us a chance when we probably don’t deserve it. I would hope the team comes out with some fire in the second.
  17. With play by play to match. The NHL should offer an option for no commentary. I would definitely be using that right now…
  18. Hirsch? He really makes you appreciate Garrett. Cheech knows when to shut up. You don’t have to fill every second.
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