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  1. Nope. Just a case of fans overreacting over a small sample size yet again.
  2. Is this whole preseason talk gonna be about Juolevi? Canucks fans need for a whipping boy is getting pretty old.
  3. They probably thought they could get the double win with the shootout. Jokes on them. Our 4th string was better than Driedger.
  4. Yep would have hoped for more out of Lockwood and Highmore considering they’re on the bubble.
  5. These announcers got fans believing Geekie is gonna be a star lol
  6. Gotta wonder if these two are getting advice from Keith. Probably telling him they don’t need training camp. Didn’t that guy always come into camp overweight and out of shape?
  7. Halak didn’t make the trip. Pretty sure if it’s a split it will be DiPietro and Martin.
  8. Theres always ways to add more money (bonuses etc.). They won’t be worried about missing games if it means getting Benning to pay them a million more a season.
  9. I would imagine Seattle is dressing a very veteran heavy lineup while we will likely be icing a very young roster. Will be a win if the young guys can hold their own against an nhl squad.
  10. Would never happen. Benning needs those two just as much as they need to sign a contract.
  11. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t the traditional fitness testing (V02 max testing) scrapped due to Covid protocols? If Juolevi had gone through that it’s unlikely he would have passed considering he was gassed very early in the bag skate. Im just surprised more reporters aren’t talking about “long COVID” with him. Seems like a pretty logical conclusion. Maybe instead of complaining about fatigue like Sutter he tried to push through it knowing the importance of this training camp for him. Too many people jumping to baseless conclusions about his attitude and character.
  12. Sure if Hunt or Bowey are head and shoulders better than Juolevi then yes waive him. But if both are just okay then you protect the younger asset every time. Hunt and Bowey will have no problem passing through waivers. This team just doesn’t have the depth on D right now to be throwing young ones away. We need to exhaust every opportunity before giving up on this guy. Maybe bag skates are just his kryptonite and he’ll be fine during games. His steady game and excellent first pass are what this team needs. Maybe Shaw can work with him.
  13. And each game lost the agent ups the ask to offset that. I’m sure they’re not too worried.
  14. Juolevi won’t be on waivers. We can’t afford to lose the depth especially if it’s simply to have Brad Hunt with the big club. With Keeper going down and Hamonic being a question mark we need all the depth we can get. Depth right now: OEL Poolman Hughes Schenn Rathbone Myers Juolevi/Hunt Thats 8 defensemen without Hamonic. If Hamonic joins the team Hunt goes to Abby. Better to keep Juolevi as a 7/8 and have him work his way into shape rather than give him away and hurt our depth.
  15. If he can rip 40 that means he’s a superstar and has earned that money. It also likely means we make the playoffs and who knows how far we go. I see no down side to that.
  16. Bottom line is it’s because this is Juolevi that fans are so critical. If that was any other player that did that after having a serious bout of Covid they would give them a pass. Or at the very least be concerned about the players health. People need to get over the fact that he’s not going to live up to his draft position and treat him like any other player. Don’t pretend like you care about the players and their health next time there’s a Covid outbreak otherwise…
  17. He was the only one that puked. So no it’s not expected. If the medical staff were doing their jobs they wouldn’t have cleared a guy that was winded so easily.
  18. Umm you do if you’re about to pass out. I don’t think he was doing that on purpose… How about Garland puking on the ice? Is that unprofessional? Is that a toughness issue? Fans are too hard on these guys. Being an NHLer doesn’t matter after you contract a serious respiratory disease. It just goes to show it can effect anyone.
  19. How do you know it’s not? Either he didn’t train at all during the summer or he’s feeling after effects from Covid same as Sutter. From reports it sounds like he had it worse than anyone. Not that much of a stretch to connect those two things.
  20. Sound like a joke to me. Again how was a guy who gets that winded cleared by the medical staff. Clearly there’s a conditioning or medical issue.
  21. Probably jokingly. I doubt they were mad at him.
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