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  1. I remember when CDC was clamouring for this guy and were disappointed when we chose Woo over him. Maybe they did their homework.
  2. When you’re doing battle drills against Phil the Thrill Kessel you can pull up a chair and grab a hot dog…
  3. Also if Pettersson played with the best player in the game I’m sure his points would be well over a hundred in his prime too.
  4. Some fans impatience and desire for a cup blinds them to how good we have it. They want a winner now but at the same time are equally willing to blow it all up. It’s a very bizarre dichotomy in this market.
  5. Eric Staal on a PTO would make sense. The other player the Canucks were linked to was Brandon Pirri though.
  6. My worry is that Quinn is holding out for a ridiculous amount and that’s what’s holding things up. Kind of odd that Pettersson came to town only to leave and go train with Hughes. Maybe he’s going down their to talk him into signing? Obviously Petey can’t get his deal done till Hughes does.
  7. They should switch agents. Clearly they can’t get a deal done.
  8. I mean even if you think Kaprizov is worth 9 million I don’t see how this changes Peteys numbers. Kaprizov is not a comparable. He had leverage to leave to the KHL. He is also 2 years older and signing for more UFA years. If this is used as a comparable it should be for a 7 or 8 year term IMO.
  9. Didn’t they protect Archibald instead of Larsson too? That sucks for them.
  10. Thanks. Hopefully everything is okay. Luckily we have better depth now with Dickinson, we can afford to have him out for a bit.
  11. There are protocols in place to keep players safe (vaccinated and unvaccinated). If he doesn’t follow those protocols then I would say he’s willing endangering his teammates.
  12. Won’t he be suspended if he’s not vaccinated? Or did I miss something?
  13. Big guy that can pop at least 10 goals a season. Id be good with that signing if guys like Gadjovich and Lockwood aren’t ready.
  14. I mean calling him an idiot is a little harsh. Everyone has their reasons for not getting the vaccine. Not all of them are conspiracy nuts or anti vaxxers. The fact that he’s willing to give up 5+ million for his convictions has to be respected. That’s putting your money where your mouth is. Its the people that think they shouldn’t have to sacrifice anything for their choice is who I have a problem with.
  15. Legendary broadcaster. Unfortunate that they forced the Leafs Koolaid down his throat. Kinda ruined his calls for me. We’ll always have “Great Save Luongo!!” though. Happy retirement!
  16. I haven’t seen money thrown away like this since the Loui Erikssson contract…
  17. That’s what CDC is famous for! People either weren’t fans or have very short memories here. The same belly aching was done with Brock and Bo too. Some fans are so quick to turn on players. Makes you wonder if they’re even fans.
  18. This is classic Barry. He’ll hold out till the last moment even at the cost of the team. Maybe he was hoping for an offer sheet? I would guess they’re waiting for Kaprizov and Dahlin to sign for more comparables.
  19. Just means a deal isn’t close. We kind of already knew that. This is more telling to me that they know that they’ll both be signing deals at the same time. Might as well share a flight back to Vancouver.
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