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  1. If that’s all that Calgary could offer then either of those teams easily top that. They we’re reportedly asking for Zegras from Anaheim. Calgary doesn’t have anything close to that good.
  2. Anaheim and LA have more attractive picks and better young pieces to include in a trade. Calgary will not be able to outbid anyone. They don’t have the pieces.
  3. That’s a pretty easy answer. The government doesn’t have a system to verify if someone actually had COVID (and were tested) and even if they did there’s no guarantee that everyone that had it produced sufficient antibodies to fight the next variant. Basically it’s not going to hurt someone to have the vaccine if they already have the antibodies. Easier to just have everyone get it.
  4. I’d rather have him at 5 years on a good deal than him wanting 10-11 mil when his 3 year deal is up. Gives us a bigger window to ice a deep roster. If he wants to walk when he’s 27 we’ll trade him in the last year of his deal.
  5. The comparables are right there for Petey it shouldn’t take this long. If he wants a 3 year bridge then Barzal is the comparable (3x7-7.5) If he wants a 5 year then Aho is the comparable (5x8.4-8.9) If his agent is waiting for Tkachuk and Kaprizov as comparables he’s wasting his time. Neither are good examples as Kaprizov has leverage and is older and Tkachuk is a winger who is in a different tier.
  6. Hopefully Gadj switches to his junior 21 if he’s able to earn a full time slot. I understand him wanting to wait until they can remove the stink from that number.
  7. Knowing his character he probably got Edlers blessing before choosing that number. And knowing Edlers character he was probably more than happy to pass that number on to someone like OEL.
  8. DeNiro


    Really think she could have clawed her way back if not for that timeout. Unfortunate to end that way but hard to argue Radacanu didn’t deserve it after not dropping a single set the whole way.
  9. Would like to see us to sign Bozak or Anisimov to a similar deal for veteran depth.
  10. Save the money for Petey and sign him to a 5 year 9 million dollar contract. Hughes should be on a bridge at 6-6.5 mil. Heiskanen is not his comparable.
  11. Looks like he’ll be wearing number 92 after all. Thats what he was wearing at his skate today.
  12. Minimal risk for Montreal acquiring Dvorak. He’s easily worth a late 1st with his contract. Arizona obviously continues their goal of having every pick in the 2022 draft. Still a chance for Montreal to be big losers in all of this though depending on Kotkaniemi’s career path.
  13. Maybe not. I think he has more potential to break out in Carolina with their style of play and young Finns. Change of scenery should be good for him either way.
  14. They’ll still outscore their problems. Montreal will struggle to score. It would be a miracle for them to beat out Florida, Toronto, NYR, and Philly.
  15. Canes the miss the playoffs somehow and it turns into a top two pick
  16. A good team that doesn’t make the playoffs isn’t good enough. Why make a push when it’s guaranteed you’ll miss? Better to take the picks and keep building around Suzuki and Caufield.
  17. They were never a top team. They got hot and had players have career years. To think that will continue is naive. They just don’t have the depth. And the division their in will determine where they finish, you can’t separate the two.
  18. Dvorak will now be linked to Kotkaniemi’s career. If he becomes a star in Carolina Habs fans will never stop whining about it.
  19. They wouldn’t be able to offer anything we wouldn’t match.
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