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  1. Apparently the Canes did try to trade for Kotkaniemi first. So the Habs likely knew an offer sheet was coming. Doubt they thought it would be for one year for so much.
  2. Four firsts from a team that will probably miss the playoffs? The Habs would be dumb to make any more offer sheets with Suzuki and Caufield coming up over the next two years. This should have taught them their lesson.
  3. That’s probably all the Canes could afford after the bonuses Montreal handed Aho.
  4. Offer sheets are rarely not signed as they are typically more money than the player would get otherwise. If someone offers him 10 million over 7 years you better believe he signs it.
  5. And yet where does that leave their center depth? They gonna go out and replace Danault and KK with Anisimov and Bozak? Or play a couple wingers as centers?
  6. Watch Kotkeniemi break out in Carolina with 60 points along with fellow Finns Aho and Terraveinen. Will make that 6.1 mil not seem like such an overpayment. Meanwhile a late first and 3rd seem like weak compensation for Habs if that happens. There’s really no winning for them at this point. Guess we’ll be seeing an offer sheet on Necas next offseason?
  7. Aren’t they like 8 mil over the cap right now? Even with Weber on LTIR they’re tight up against the cap. They better hope Byron is out long term.
  8. Yep let this be a warning to GMs. Teams don’t forget about offer sheets. I bet KKs agent knew this was coming.
  9. This has no bearing on Vancouver’s ability to match. The only way a team overpays to the point that we don’t match is if it’s 4 first rounders. If a team wants to pay that then we probably take it.
  10. Can’t believe they lost Danault and could very well lose Kotkeniemi in one offseason. So that leaves Suzuki and then a whole lot of nothing. Should have saved that Hoffman money for another center…
  11. It ended up working out for them and being fine. He is easily worth that contract. However it was the signing bonuses that were used to try and screw Carolina over. That’s what put the Canes in a rough spot since they are a team with a tight internal budget. They have every right to get their revenge.
  12. Especially if it’s a team that has a chance to finish in the lottery. That’s two high end firsts and a 2nd.
  13. Would suck sure. Basically we’d have to get him locked up in year 3 otherwise trade him for a big haul. On that same note that’s pretty risky for the team offersheeting that he’ll walk on them.
  14. Slight build too. Only 176 lbs, should get even better as he fills out.
  15. What does Kotkeniemi’s qualifying offer equal now? Does he have arb rights?
  16. The offer sheet would have to be very high for us not to match and the compensation would be huge. Wouldn’t be the worst thing to tie up Pettersson long term even if it was for 9-10 mil.
  17. Rough couple months for the Habs. Losing Weber, almost losing Price, drafting a sex offender and now this?
  18. Pretty sure that’s much better than average.
  19. Nope. I don’t match if I’m Bergevin. Let Carolina have him for that much. Ties up money in a player that’s only worth half that. Makes them weaker.
  20. 230,000 who are not eligible. So really it’s like 170,000. That’s not that many.
  21. He needs to provide offense though. Thats the only question mark for me.
  22. Still expect one more cheap depth signing like this for the Canucks. Someone like Anisimov or Bozak just for insurance if Dickinson can’t handle third line center duties.
  23. Yes. Still impressive they’re giving him a look though.
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