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  1. Can’t believe we got this guy in the 7th round! How often does a 17 year old suit up in the SHL who isn’t a high end pick?
  2. Would be amazing if he found another Korpisalo like prospect and developed him like he did in Columbus. Korpisalo was a relative unknown with pretty unimpressive stats before Clark got his hands on him. Love that we have another scout like Clark that can bring us these gems!
  3. Is this like when a Schmidt trade was imminent?
  4. Exactly. They couldn’t score. Belarus is not a country that produces a lot of high end talent. They could have used Klimovich.
  5. Maybe secure the airfield before you start evacuations? If you think this is just “reality of war” and nothing could have been done different you should read the opinions of ex generals who would disagree.
  6. Good deal for Hughes if true. Too much for a bridge for Petey.
  7. It matters how you evacuate civilians and who dies because of it absolutely. These casualties didn’t have to happen.
  8. Definitely plenty to go around for sure. Biden doesn’t seem to want to accept any though.
  9. He very well could be. But lots of factors play a role in that (injuries etc.) That’s why most players trail off at that age.
  10. I just meant Svechnikov signed for the exact same cap hit. Merely an amusing coincidence.
  11. I mean that takes him till he’s 31. Thats when most players start to decline.
  12. You don’t have to tell me that. The things people will convince themselves though.
  13. Great way for him to develop the defensive side of his game. Love to see it!
  14. It’s because people will use politicians flip flopping on policy to poke holes in vaccine mandates. Like if you can’t trust them with all of this other stuff how can we trust them with this? Thats the general thinking. Which is why we could probably use a better separation of government and health departments. Seems like too many people can’t keep politics out of it.
  15. Hard to compare since Couturier is 28 so Petey would be signing for his entire prime years with an 8 year contract.
  16. Sadly he’s not alone in that line of thinking. Distrust for politicians and government is leading people to not get vaccinated. Im right there with not trusting politicians but this has nothing to do with politicians. This is top doctors, scientists, and health organizations telling you to get the vaccine.
  17. The government doesn’t make the vaccines in case people need that clarified. They also don’t decide whether they’re safe or even necessary for that matter.
  18. Looks like the Flyers are copying the Canes homework.
  19. Looks like Belarus lost to Poland in their opening game. Good thing they left Klim off the roster though right…
  20. Or was that Leipsic? I know it was one of those two plugs.
  21. Wasn’t he the one that made derogatory comments about players and their wives online, namely Pearson’s wife?
  22. Good deal. Good comparable for Pettersson albeit a winger. I would think this puts Petey around 8-8.5 mil on a long term deal.
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