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  1. What a strange deadline that didn’t accomplish anything positive except freeing up some contracts for expansion.
  2. Chicago saw an opportunity to upgrade their 5th to a 4th for nothing. GMs must love when they see Bennings number on their phone.
  3. I mean if he can’t put up points with Roussel and Sutter it must be him because those two are foundational players.
  4. Probably just a case of moving on from Gaudette and their not being much of a market for him. I doubt they wanted to protect him for expansion either.
  5. The muffin man? Oh boy looks like Sutter is gonna ride Marky into the ground then.
  6. Correct. All important game 6 tomorrow.
  7. If Beagle is on LTIR to finish the season I don’t see how we don’t claim one of these guys.
  8. They’re getting the 33 year old Foligno not the 28 year old Foligno. Still an effective player but not nearly the impact player he once was.
  9. There is none. Barry just trying to inflate his players value nothing more. In no world can you argue because two players are “elite” that they should get identical contracts regardless of position. He probably figures he can bump up Hughes salary to Petterssons level using this tactic.
  10. It would be miraculous to go 4-0-1 better than the Habs with a game in hand? You and I have different definitions of miraculous I guess. It would be tough no doubt but far from impossible.
  11. Montreal has lost 4 of 5, are struggling to score, and are without Price. Oh and their remaining schedule might be worse than ours. Im just saying Habs fans shouldn’t get too cocky.
  12. True but we have had 10 days “off” for certain players who would have only experienced mild symptoms, so we’ll see. Maybe it’s silly to be optimistic but I think the door has been left open even if just slightly. I’ve had hope with worse odds than this so I’ll be cheering until there’s nothing left to cheer for.
  13. Points are all that matter (8) They don’t have that much room to falter. We’ll have 3 games in hand by the time we play again, then we’ll have a better idea where we stand.
  14. The Habs play 19 in 32 so they have the same disadvantage as us. Basically both teams will be put through the gauntlet. It will be a matter of which teams stays healthier and gets on a roll. The biggest X factor for me will be whether Holtby can find his game again. If we can have both goalies playing well that might give us the edge over Montreal who has Price injured.
  15. The Habs play 19 in 32 days for anyone thinking we somehow got shafted. With such little time left in the season no one should be surprised. I’ll just be happy to have Canucks hockey back regardless of results (although wins would be a lot nicer!)
  16. I mean you have Hedman on any team and their D is going to look stacked. Cernak and Sergachev are only recent additions at 23 and 22 years old, and then you trade for a couple established vets. If anything this shows that a D core can be built in pretty short order if you already have that number 1 stud.
  17. Well what do you think you build foundations out of? Concrete. What are Sutters hands made out of? How does he skate?
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