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  1. Wow. Great post on your new topic. I really like it. :)

  2. lol @ mod in-fighting. High school much? CDC is becoming such a joke.

    1. canuck2xtreme


      mod in-fighting? did I miss something?



      ? Sorry I just love gossip girls.


  3. Ahahaha.. your signature is awesome. Very nice.

  4. Can't wait to go to the game tomorrow!!! I am not going to able to function the whole day.

  5. "Michael Lansberg's face has it's own face."

    i lold

  6. Yeah apparently some people like me around here.

  7. Oh - I thought maybe they had a real story to tell - lol

  8. Oh you know. Creating speculation, whipping the masses into a frenzy.

    The usual i guess.

  9. What's the media up to?

  10. If it helps I lol at your your posts quite regularly.

  11. yup no prob. do you want to send me a link for the images you want to use. like the helicopter, the picture of luongo you want used, the crowd photo. then i can cut it out and put it together.

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