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  1. lol @ mod in-fighting. High school much? CDC is becoming such a joke.

    1. canuck2xtreme


      mod in-fighting? did I miss something?



      ? Sorry I just love gossip girls.


  2. Can't wait to go to the game tomorrow!!! I am not going to able to function the whole day.

  3. Yeah apparently some people like me around here.

  4. Oh you know. Creating speculation, whipping the masses into a frenzy.

    The usual i guess.

  5. If it helps I lol at your your posts quite regularly.

  6. Thanks alot man! Take your time.

  7. Your constant happiness is infuriatingly contagious.

  8. Well it's more of a sig job..but I was wonderin if you could have..Luongo being pulled away by helicopter (being piloted by chewbacca) on a rope or something, away from a bunch of canucks fans with spears/bow and arrow/etc. "Proudly supporting Luongo into the 2010 playoffs" somewhere on there..

    I know it's kinda ridiculous..

  9. No problem at all. I kinda like this place and would like to see it stick around, and/or still be ok to post in.

    Just doin my best to keep it that way.

  10. +ve's wise I mean haha :P

  11. I'm totally leeching off your thread.

  12. Feel like doin a photoshop job for me if you ever got time? I can explain the details if you ever see this :P Totally understand if you can't, but it wouldn't take too long i wouldn't think...but yeah, only if you wanna.

    stick around anyways, forum needs you back.

  13. Heya! long time no se for a while there eh?

  14. You suck. nice name change btw

  15. Welcome back Pfize buddy!

  16. Grats on the 10K. You've officially been cemented into CDC's league of lifers. Complimentary ear plugs at the door.

    You catch that little game sunday anyways?

  17. Woooops. I didn't know it said 21...supposed to be 20. Never even noticed that. :P

  18. Man that hurts everywhere. why you gotta be so mean?

  19. (he might not be your favorite player..that was more of a guess)

  20. I liked your post in the leaders thread, (although i have my inhibitions about Burr being a leader) But I'll let it slide seeing as he's your favorite player :P He is a workhorse though...and seems to get along with pretty much everyone. So he's doing his job.

    Carry on then.

  21. Raging Vagina huh? I call massive lamez. I'm not over the other forum per say just haven't been there in a while lolol. How you been?

  22. Not much dawg. Still on that other forum?? westsidehockey? or whatever.

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