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Classic CDC quotes

K guys I nd hlp fast. Im @ a girls I rly like & txtng from my iphone. I did a #2 in the bathroom and it plugged, water is almost overflowing toilet. Srsly I dunno wut 2 do somebody help!

Be a real atheist and abandon worldly pleasures and seek God.

on the bus you can get your head cut off, raped, punched in the face and be called bin laden or worse... more transit means more security costs. and this just is not a self sustainable business model never will be... so once you run out of car drivers who are you going to gouge next?

There is a positive manifestation that can occur with EVERY scenario whether you have the foresight to see it or not. If the people that live in 3rd world countries started thinking more positive their lives would get better...I believe that we all choose the families and geographical locations we end up in before we incarnate here.

1984!! Christ, I worry for the education system in this province sometimes. Really worry.

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