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  1. They should have beat Detroit but i blame that loss on the coaching staff. Either there is something wrong with their system or they dont pra tice the important things like PP or PK. Heck even our FO% is down. I dont think this is a personnel problem. I will say that Boeser is a major Canuck player and as important as Petersson. He was our top goal scorer last year and can finish Petersson passes. Motte is also an integral part of PK because he is the only one that actually blocks shots and doesnt stand still.
  2. One thing is for sure, with the amount of offensive talent we have on PP, if the PP is crap then we know the coaches should be at fault. I mean Canucka added Garland, OEL, Chiasson and Podkolzin to an already lethal PP unit so no excuse to not be ranked top 5 in PP.
  3. Dude we havent even played 5 games and you are crying about this teams chances even when we outshot oilers, philly and detroit badly?? We have had 40 shots in each game and thats WITHOUT our top goal scorer Boeser, #1PKer Motte and top FO guy Sutter and shutdown D Hamonic. If anything once those guys comeback, this team will be much better. The depth on this team is crazy good in terms of forward group. I think once motte and Boeser comeback, its best to split the lines to get more scoring. Hoglander-Petersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Garland Motte-Miller-Podkolzin Dickenson-Sutter-Chiasson The line of Dickenson-Sutter and Chiasson could see 10 minutes and that 3rd line of motte and podz will drive other teams mad. I really see this team become an offensive powerhouse once Boeser comes back to snipe those petersson passes to back of the net while give a boost to our PP. They just need to gel and get their timing back. Frustrated with wings loss but I know they would win that easily 9/10 if it wasnt due to bad bounces.
  4. I never got how Dowling made the team? I mean after playing 7 preaeason games with an AHL rosters and prospects, they came up with Dowling from all the players like Gadjovic, Bailey, Klimovich etc. He doesnt even PK much if at all and Lumikko is taking Faceoffs.
  5. They need to start changing the PP and do something new. Otherwise we will keep losing games due to special teams being crap.
  6. Honestly we need to stop blaming the refs since our PP is trash and our PK gives up goals easily. I blame the coaching for that one not refs. We dont even use Chiasson properly anymore, since he needs to be screening the goalie not coming to the side.
  7. am tired of this BS when there is an empty net. They slow down like the game is just starting even though they had only 1 minute left.
  8. Its only Canucks who PK and PP like they stand around in one spot. Funny they keep the same system every year even if its last in NHL.
  9. all empty nets go to dowling and poolman lol...stone hands just Canuck luck
  10. Greiss will see those easy passes and easy shots, especially with no one screening.
  11. Its the stupid style the Canucks play and thats on coaching. Instead of being aggressive on PK and trying to block passes and shots, they all line up in front of the goalie and keep watching the puck. Thats what happened the last 2 minute in Philly. Must be Baumgartner back to his old tricks for passive defensive play.
  12. ok many problems here. Our PK is really poor, not just this game but last game and against oilers. Sutter and Motte need to be back to fix that. Our FO% is really bad too at 40%. We are also out of sync as the passes are missed which is again Greens fault the way preseason was played. Also Canucks need to shoot way more instead of making passes each time even when they can shoot from the slot.
  13. Thats not the same as game situation. I know many teams that had 3 or 4 preseason games, dressing mostly their regulars with maybe a couple of prospects playing. Green had like only a couple of regulars playing in some of the preseason games. Preseason is a chance for the team to practice PK and PP so we would be ready for the regular season.
  14. Yeah I also hate that stupid strategy to collapse in front of the net and puck watch. I don't know who came up with this stupid strategy which is only useful if you have slow defensemen who are really adept at blocking shots. Seems like Baumgartner is using what he knows best during his AHL days. We have Rathbone, Hughes, OEL that are all great skaters plus our forwards who are speedy. They should all be aggressive and challenge the puck carrier instead of standing in front of the net. The last Philly goal was a great example of all 5 skaters puck watching while giroux was hidden behind beside the net, ready to pounce on the puck for an easy empty net goal while Demko is looking at the passer.
  15. No the coaching staff did no had an entire preseason to workout the kinks as genius Green started our AHL lineup the whole season in search of that elusive 4th liner. I mean our horrendous PK and lack of coverage in defensive zone shows that we lacked the preseason games and practice to get the kinks out.
  16. Once Boeser and Motte get back, I expect even better stats with more goals. Boeser bumps Hoglander to 3rd line and give Podkolzin and Dickenson a real boost while Motte and Highmore will make that 4th line play more on the offensive zone. Miller-Pettersson-Boeser Pearson-Horvat-Garland Hoglander-Dickenson-Podkolzin Motte-Lamikkho-Highmore
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