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  1. I'm glad they ousted this guy. Hell, he didn't even know the words to the whole song.
  2. Bure was very much a team player. Ask anyone he played with. I've had good occasion to as I've been fortunate to play some games with the Canuck Alumni over the years and heard it from a bunch of them. As much as I loved Quinn and Burke they pulled a lot of BS on contract negotiations which led to Bure getting fed up. Then the team fed the media stories of it being Bure wanting out. Imagine coming to terms on a contract and then the team saying it was based on Canadian funds although every contract in the league at the time was US because of the volatility of the Canadian dollar, With all that said Steamer is a great choice as well.
  3. Well written but I now have Styx "Too Much Time On My Hands" on play and repeat in my brain. Thanks for the Earworm.
  4. Think we have some mid-sized forwards that play with some grit. Miller doesnt take any crap. As mentioned above Pearson, Bo & Dickinson have some size. I was intrigued on whether they might take a swing at Ritchie. Seems like a real miss and frankly surprised the Bruins let him walk. I wouldn't be surprised to see Benning add a 4th line knuckle dragger to the fold after he gets the 4 contracts signed of our RFA's.
  5. We have the opportunity to watch a kid that may(likely) become the greatest offensive defenseman in Club history. His defensive play will improve as will his offense once he is paired long-term with a defensive minded partner. I felt he started to look like Rookie Quinn once Hamonic was his partner. Experiments with Benn and a few others was ugly. Why in the hell are we even considering this?
  6. That's bang on. Like I've said on many Jake forums "Million dollar skills. Ten-cent head."
  7. Free Agency is far from complete. We also haven't signed EP or QH at this point. Until that's done I'm not voting on this. We have made some significant changes but the weakest area of our team (Defence) still feels underwhelming. With that said i like the addition of size and some grit with poolman and Schenn and skill with OEL. If OEL can regain his form this will be a steal.
  8. The only thing more dubious than this thread is Schmidt's first pass.
  9. Chatfield was a human turnstile. His nickname should have been "The Baker" because he was always making turnovers. Had interesting speed and a little sandpaper to his game but looked out of his element in the NHL. I would have preferred we gave OJ the ice time and let him learn through his mistakes but I'm not the coach. Another guy that Rathbone has passed on the depth chart.
  10. Million dollar skills. Ten-cent head. Here endeth the story. B-bye.
  11. This is plausible which is like sighting a Unicorn in the proposals forums. The more I think about it the more I like the idea of trading the 9th if we get the right young pieces to put around our core.
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