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  1. Removing a legal thread because of the illegal actions of the people in it makes no sense. I'm not posting on here unless there's a god thread again

    1. Show previous comments  11 more
    2. M31


      I see you haven't changed at all.

    3. Tigs


      You're trying to resurrect something that died a long, drawn-out death that was long overdue to be dead. I sighed a sigh of relief when it died idk about you...

    4. :D


      Maybe because people don't get as worked up about Survivor or Greece as you are about the God thread...

  2. Jesus loves you bud

  3. lol its actually quite normal for me to be up that late. :P my computer is very distracting. :P

  4. Haha. What're you doing up at this hour??

  5. oh damn you just blew my whole plan man! how the hell did you know what i was planning??

    *rolls eyes*

  6. :P

    I suppose I believe you...just don't be trying to meet up in real life or masturbate on webcam or anything weird...


  7. lol true,i am being honest but believe what you want. :)

  8. Haha. So YOU say!

  9. haha nice! :P

    lol i have a boyfriend who's 3 years older than me. :P and i'm really a 16 year old girl. :P

  10. I would attempt sexual relations if you weren't 5 years younger than me.

    Haha, only kidding. About the 5 year thing, that is. Hehehehehe! Then again, you could always be a 39 year old guy. ARE YOU? Or maybe I am. The internet is a scary place.

  11. "Ref" is a loose term. More like "guy with a whistle". He didn't know very much about hockey. The call basically came down to which bench yelled at him louder. Sometimes we or the other team would ice the puck and someone would shout "TOUCH" and he'd wave it off, even though there was no one within miles of touching it.

  12. lol those are really ugly. is that the ref in the green cap?

    lol well thanks for noticing. :P

  13. You can kind of see the stupid spikey pattern on the bottom of them.

    By the way, I just noticed you're a girl. Haha. Assumed you were a dude until this point :P.

  14. lol kinda like the yellow that the Nashville Predators had,i think they were 3rd jerseys but they were like this ugly mustard yellow.

    my team uses Penguins colours,used to be Blues colours. :P

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