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  1. I've been hoping for this for a couple years now... If they can come up and be a future, complimentary pair...
  2. I REALLY hope he makes it and can skate at this level. We need so much much of what he does.
  3. It's actually pretty astounding how well the Canucks have rebuilt thus far given they've basically done it with one hand tied behind their back. Have there been mistakes along the way? Absolutely. But frankly they should be lauded for what they've managed to build under those conditions and with the amount of scrutiny and vitriol they've endured during it.
  4. Profligate is a tad hyperbolic... come on. I never claimed he was doing a 'normal' rebuild (whatever that is...AKA there's no such thing). I covered this a few pages ago replying to @lmm Some of the guys we brought in were simply warm bodies/sacrificial lambs as well (never mind just icing an actual NHL team). How about so guys like Boeser, Horvat et al don't need to be the guys gutting shelled and taking on all the media/fan base vitriol? We haven't had any 'stifled' kids. Any who've proven worthy, have played and will continue to do so. Some of them now. And the
  5. No, largely because it was a wall of ranting nonsense not particularly worth my effort. Sorry. And have the balls to @ someone when you crap talk them you Muppet.
  6. He's been a consistent, near .5ppg, 2 way player basically his entire career. I never said he wasn't a streaky scorer.
  7. What 'hype'? He's a 4th line/spare winger with speed, a good motor and solid defensive play. Well see how he does. Apparently in Wally's world that equals = "CDC thinks Highmore is the next Bergeron!"
  8. Yes sane, logical 'comebacks' are my thing. It's the 'responsibility' of the fact we've simply been rebuilding, which for a 'fast' one, normally takes between 8-10 years. If you were expecting a 'contender' already, that's on you and your own ignorance. He really isn't that close of a comparable. Less size, less consistent production, inferior defensive play... and signing an outlier, sweetheart deal on a contender. But.. Great... Job....?
  9. Wasn't talking about Highmore replacing Sutter... I was talking about trading to acquire a Sutter replacement/upgrade. Also (separately) talking about bringing more speed (and solid defensive play) to the bottom 6. Highmore brings that (on wing).
  10. Bunch of straw men arguments...I mean who remotely called the deal 'perfect'? It's impossible to have an honest debate with someone that constantly makes $&!# up. Lesser player taking a sweetheart deal on a contender. Why not bring up Joe Thornton next? Such an angry little straw grasper.
  11. IIRC, the government updated it to 1 week quarantine given the NHL is doing consistent, daily testing etc
  12. Yeah again, this is why I think trade is the route we go for now ideally. But failing that preferred 'plan A', Sutter on a short, reasonable deal is a decent backup plan. Sutter also may not be a complete burner but he's not slow either. But then we see another reason Benning targeted Highmore here...he's got speed and solid defensive play. Fits our team needs.
  13. I think he'd happily have taken more picks within the context he was working in. Again, this isn't some 'anti-picks' argument you guys seem to keep conflating it with. Nobody hates picks. Part of the plan (whether you guys like or agree with it or not) was to support the current rosters during the varying parts of the rebuild. Some of that involved picks as cost. A lack of saleable pieces and unfortunate circumstances meant no real way to replenish some of them. Thankfully we have him and solid scouting/development that we didn't need more picks to still rebuild our team and build
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