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  1. MDP likely backing up Demko next year, which should give Silovs another year + to develop. They can make a call on who to trade then (another 1-2 seasons).
  2. Yeah I know you've got some serious rust to shake off, but get at it, would ya!
  3. Yeah, have to hope he's in Abby next fall. Hopefully we bring Jasek back in the fold as well.
  4. I can't wait for Garland to start licking people
  5. Working the other day, I ran in to a guy on disability for actual head injuries. He was telling me all about how he did his own research too and ran through the same, top talking points that we're all too familiar with. Adding the 'government wants to poison our children' one and then going off on a Trudeau didn't really win the election and tangent about Soros... Him I feel a bit bad for. Guy is literally brain damaged. He gets my empathy (if also some mental face palming at the same time). Healthy, educated people though... Wow
  6. I second Marantz for receivers @Undrafted. Had a full Rotel Pre-Pro setup back in the day until I finally had to bite the bullet and get HDMI, updated surround formats etc. The Marantz has been terrific feeding my old Rotel amp and powering my front height speakers. And thirded for SVS too
  7. Hughes and OEL are both top D men (with pretty 'effortless' skating). Top D men regularly play 24+minutes, around the league (regular time). It only really becomes an issue when you start approaching 30 regularly (not just occasional OT games). Honestly, our ability to have one of those two guys out there for near 50 minutes of a 60 minute game is delightful.
  8. IMO ARZ selling him 'at a loss' was as much about his overall dollars owed (with little relation to his performance for them) and him owning a NMC and limiting their options to two teams, as his performance. Their ownership simply wanted that big/long of a contract off the books. I think there was also some disconnect with coaching, the direction of the club, and likely disappointment with the team you JUST signed a long term extension for looking to 'dump' you. So you could say his heart wasn't 100% in it for sure. But as @BigTramFan pointed out, despite all those things, he still put up 'top D' numbers (if not his absolute peak). I think that's actually a good sign that he was able to still remain so competitive despite those clear issues and his heart not being 100% for the team.
  9. I would imagine towards the TDL, we'd have a pretty good idea if he plans on playing at all this year. And in the playoffs, there is no cap. Perhaps Hamonic comes back then?
  10. It's buying one RFA year. This is his third deal. Sure that cuts it a bit but it's negligible.
  11. And he's making +/-$2m less per year than them. Three years later. Yes, he likely will.
  12. Thanks. Guy is a top 5-10 D in the league. Karlsson and Doughty set the bar for top UFA D at $11m+ like 3 years ago. One could argue this IS a discount.
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