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  1. Any player's peak year, generally involves some amount of luck. Water is also wet. Good thing that's exactly the level he's being paid at. Tweener middle 6 pay rate.
  2. Again, not IMO it isn't. Not unless you're adding and getting similarly productive player that also brings size (and/or a team is willing to overpay), it's a non starter IMO. If Philly calls up and offers Benning Provorov, Farabee and a 1st... By all means... Bingo.
  3. Why can't both be true? It's quite likely (perhaps even obvious, if you look at his scoring history through his career) that last year was likely a peak... And that this year has been a valley. Neither likely represents a new 'normal'.
  4. Jenner has one year left there and it would seem they may be ready for a re-something in Columbus (and I agree that should include replacing Torts). He may very well be available and I'd love to get him. Columbus might be better off cashing him in as a rental next TDL though. But if he's an available UFA, next, next offseason we could always target him then as well (and have some cap space opening to do so). Long and short... Jenner yes please. This year or next.
  5. Easier to find a solid partner for Hughes than it is to replace Hughes. Heck, we let Tanev walk last summer and have any of Hamonic, Savard or Larsson as the appropriate player type, all available this summer. Unless it's a bigger guy like McAvoy or Chabot etc coming back (who can also put up points), it's a non starter for me.
  6. It's probably a pretty long shot unfortunately, I think he's likely on LTIR until his contract runs out. But I'd love to have a healthy Ferland back, if he is indeed healthy.
  7. People really need to understand that with this gong show Covid season and injuries to Pettersson, Beagle and now Sutter, the majority of these guys are literal filler/plugs to fill in for injuries and keep kids developing in the minors, where they're far better served, most of the season. They aren't part of some bigger, long term plan. A couple (Highmore? Hawryluck? Bailey?) will likely be 'back' as cheap 13th F/AHL call ups (plugs). But that's literally all they are. We'll be adding Podkolzin, likely Lind and with guys like Lockwood, Gadjovich, Jasek pu
  8. Facts and context. That you think the two team's situations are remotely comparable is telling. Back to ignoring your posts again...
  9. Pretty sure Hughes, Miller and Demko will all get suspended for the MacEwan 'knee'.
  10. Silver lining with the ridiculous, compressed schedule... We're likely getting a better look at Lind, Rathbone etc than we otherwise would have. As for DOPS, I lost any faith I had in them making consistent, logical decisions years ago. Mac could get banned from the NHL for life or be subject to an awkward tickle fight from Parros, or anything in between and it wouldn't surprise me.
  11. Hughes clearing the crease and battling along the boards on the PK...
  12. Yeah... I've worn out my keyboard explaining to people that trying to glean any concrete statistical information from this gong show season is a fool's errand.
  13. Yup, nobody is ready to take on those hard minutes yet. We can still use him to transition guys like Juolevi in to that role over the next year or two. He's definitely older and slower but he's still our best defensive D and you're not going to sign a better one, for cheaper than we're likely to get Edler.
  14. Not remotely similar starting points. WAY more saleable assets to kick start a rebuild, two draft lotto wins and Big Apple draw to attract guys like Panarin... It's not REMOTELY comparable. And again, firing their management under those circumstances is not something we should aim to emulate. Try some critical thinking.
  15. SIGNING: The New York Rangers have signed Alexei Protas to a three-year entry-level deal. Alexei Protas: 3 years, $2,700,000 million dollar contract ($750,000 base salary and $150,000 bonuses per season - $900,000 AAV) SIGNING: The New York Rangers have signed Daniil Misyul to a three-year entry-level deal. Daniil Misyul: 3 years, $2,400,000 million dollar contract ($800,000 base salary - $800,000 AAV) SIGNING: The New York Rangers have signed Graeme Clarke to a three-year entry-level deal. Graeme Clarke
  16. He'd be a PERFECT fit. Not sure I want to pay the trade cost to acquire him though...might be better waiting until he's UFA next offseason. Yeah...that contract was a BIG risk for sure. If he was healthy though.... That lineup above with (healthy) Ferland on it...yes please. Miller, Pettersson, Boeser Pearson, Horvat, Podkolzin/Hoglander Ferland, Lind, Podkolzin/Hoglander Motte, Sutter, MacEwan
  17. Well, like I hinted at in that post, it more likely would be our '4th' line in ice time in that scenario. The Motte/Sutter (or other C) line would be our key match up/hard minute line and likely see closer to '3rd' line TOI usage (though I'd love to see us try to target Jenner there vs Sutter). Yeah, I'm not worried about Hogs at all
  18. It's a rebuild...what did you think was going to happen? Multiple long playoff runs while bottoming out? Exactly what I'm talking about regarding realistic expectations. Seven years isn't a long rebuild FYI.
  19. When I was still expecting Tryamkin back, I would have said there was some question if we had the roster space. Especially as I feel Hamonic (or another right side partner for Hughes... Savard? Larsson?) should be a priority ahead of him. But so long as we can bring him back at a reasonable price, we'd be silly not to IMO. He can still play the hard minutes kids aren't ready for, and you're not going to get a better D for less money unless you draft him, on an ELC.
  20. It's not a matter of glass half full or empty. It's simply not confusing poor short term results in a mess of a season with the overall mid-long term outlook of the organization. Big picture vs hyper focused minutia. Having realistic expectations during a rebuild helps as well. IMO, unless there's circumstances we're not aware of, the Rangers firing their management is hardly something we should aspire to. Besides the Trouba signing being underwhelming (and that they've had massive lottery horse shoes), they've done a good job rebuilding (granted with a comparably far better starti
  21. Look at the bigger picture of where we're headed as an organization with a solid young core, expiring vet contracts and a deep pool of support pieces coming rather than hyper focusing on short term results in a season that went sideways. IMO we're a lot closer to the team that clawed it's way back in to the playoff picture (without it's young star centre) than the mess before that or the team that's clearly hit the wall after getting Covid and compounded by playing another compressed schedule after it. I don't expect us to win more than a couple of our remaining games (if that). Th
  22. I'd be ok with running a sheltered 'kid' 4th (3rd?) line with Lind at C if we're spitballing about next year. Something like: Miller, Pettersson, Boeser Pearson, Horvat, Podkolzin/Hoglander XXXXX, Lind, Podkolzin/Hoglander Motte, Sutter, MacEwan I think the three 'vet' lines could shelter that kid line initially. But really, Lind and Podkolzin both have fairly developed two way games already and may not need it long. Hoglander is a bit of a work in progress positionally in that regard but his motor covers a lot of his shortcomings there.
  23. Probably will. We're going to be adding Podkolzin and Lind to the forward ranks likely. They'll either be playing there or push guys down who will. Baer is not the answer you're looking for.
  24. Nobody is under the impression this season is going well. Bad season =\= bad team. It happens. The team is still trending in the right direction. Nobody, besides perhaps Apollo, expected us to win the cup in the depths of a rebuild. Most of us expected us to be a poor to bubble team these past years. I truly don't understand how some of you think that's an 'argument' of anything
  25. I think there was a tweet a few pages back that he wouldn't/couldn't sign until after the world's.
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