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  1. I mean in an absolutely ideal world, where the GM gets exactly what he wants and isn't competing against a dozen other teams, you'd probably prefer to be paying him $2-$2.2m'ish and only three years to minimize risk etc but I mean come on... That's awfully nitty to pick at.
  2. OEL should be an upgrade on Edler (this from a guy with Edler in his sig). Not rusty Hamonic should be better than last year's rusty version with zero preseason, practice time, or any familiarity with team mates, coaches, systems etc. So that leaves Poolman and Schenn replacing Schmidt and... Benn I guess. For whatever reason, Schmidt wasn't a fit here (even though he's probably a better all around player). Poolman, while a lesser player, is likely a better fit (defensive play). Not to mention that Juolevi and Rathbone should be better.
  3. WE also signed a couple guys for Abby that we can recall.
  4. Last year a LOT of Canucks fans wanted to trade Boeser. Tells you about how much stock you should put in their opinions.
  5. I'd consider it if they wanted to send an over pay of Smith, Bahl, 1st etc.
  6. What's the rush? They're all RFA's, they're not going anywhere.
  7. And who says we don't have space to pay those bonuses this year? Never mind that MDP will likely only cost around $1m.
  8. And? Have we ever failed to ice a team? People were fretting about cap this year too. How has that worked out? They'll make it work.
  9. 35+ bonus contract the bonuses aren't applied until reached and can be deferred until next year if earned.
  10. He's a solid #2. Do people think he's more than that? Some probably. Still be an upgrade on Myers.
  11. I'm guessing that's likely as well. Still basically our defacto 4th LD. But just down the highway, available for recall.
  12. Maybe an OEL-Myers pairing rejuvenates Myers value as well. He'll only have two years left at that point too, so lower risk to any acquiring team. Move out Myers for return and sign Parayko..?
  13. There it is So.... OEL, Myers Hughes, Hamonic Juolevi, Poolman Rathbone, Schenn Not world beating, but solid. And finally, real, NHL level depth.
  14. Good! He was finally starting to look comfortable at this level and then had that unfortunate injury. Has all the tools, let's see if he can continue to build on that as a solid recall option. Always liked the kid.
  15. I think it probably largely is what it is... maybe still adding Schenn as 7th. But in theory, if we could just squeeze in Hakanpaa... Hughes, Hamonic OEL, Hakanpaa Juolevi/Rathbone, Myers Juolevi/Rathbone, Poolman Would be a pretty rock solid D.
  16. Would CDC have preferred Ceci at the 4x$3.25 EDM gave him?
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