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  1. It's buying one RFA year. This is his third deal. Sure that cuts it a bit but it's negligible.
  2. And he's making +/-$2m less per year than them. Three years later. Yes, he likely will.
  3. Thanks. Guy is a top 5-10 D in the league. Karlsson and Doughty set the bar for top UFA D at $11m+ like 3 years ago. One could argue this IS a discount.
  4. Excellent post that clearly illustrates and solidifies your point. Great work.
  5. Karlsson and Doughty already set the market price for top D like 3 years ago.
  6. That's not really accurate. What was he in pace for in the two Covid shortened seasons? Guy's easily in the top 10 of D in the league.
  7. Hilarious...you realize this is his third deal and he's coming off a bridge that's, wait for it... Three years. Just like Pettersson. You're like the king of ignorant/bad takes Too bad they didn't sign him to 6 years initially like we did with Hughes. Their fans must be thinking... Must. Be. Nice.
  8. Highmore skates fast and......... Chances are we probably swap Podz/Chiasson there but I think the coaches like Chiasson, and even with Boes back, he likely plays net front on PP2. Can't seem to recall, but who was playing PK with Dickenson last night? Motte/Lammikko and ____/Dickenson as PK F's. Pearson or Podz with Dicky?
  9. No doubt. Miller, Pettersson, Boeser Pearson, Horvat, Garland Hoglander, Dickenson, Podkolzin Motte, Lammikko, Chiasson/Dowling Yes please.
  10. Daniel should offer him $1000 for every game he does that
  11. Definitely an intriguing option to Hunt. Was an intriguing prospect just a year or two ago... Hard to say what happened to derail that. Be worse gambles we could take though.
  12. It's simply a similar situation to Lockwood. Lockwood brought energy, speed and hitting and fans were insisting he 'made the club' (while ignoring the things he still needs to work on). Gadjovich was in a similar boat. Unfortunately he's not as good or proven at offense as any of the offensive guys that actually made the club. Nor is his defensive game developed enough for a tougher, bottom 6 role. He needed more time to round out some of those things, which unfortunately meant waivers. It happens. Especially when you're becoming a harder team to make. But this market seems to need a boogeyman.
  13. We could do it if Boeser is healthy... Miller, Pettersson, Boeser Pearson, Horvat, Hoglander Garland, Dickinson, Podz
  14. Pearson and Horvat also have solid chemistry. And as loath as some might be too admit it, Pearson being a solid defensive presence likely also allows Horvat to worry a bit less about his own defensive coverage and create more offensively, as he knows he has reliable defensive coverage with Tanner. There's nothing wrong with having a player with some 'little things' on Horvat's line, streaky offense or otherwise. Adding one of Hoglander or Garland there should only make them more potent of a match up/counter punch line.
  15. To be fair, that's a world issue, not a CDC one. Like it or not, poor spelling/grammar makes whatever someone writes harder to read and understand. And fair or not, makes the reader create assumptions about the writer's intelligence/education level, and hence question the value of the content.
  16. I'm guessing that's only the case given the Hamonic situation. Under normal circumstances Hunt/Schenn are likely our 7 and 8 and Burroughs is on waivers.
  17. So they pre-waived a player that technically wasn't under contract yet and then signed him...?
  18. Even if I give you the odd Lammikko-Juolevi/F-D comparable, Juulsen has also already cleared waivers, adding to his value and equaling back your magical mystery equation there.
  19. Barring any last minute changes, our opening night roster:
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