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  1. Yup, likely him and Schenn as our 7 and 8 with Rathbone playing big minutes, all situations in Abby.
  2. Pretty flawed argument. No arbitrator would just look at his points and the team would instantly bring up his +/-, zone starts, one dimensional play etc. There's no world where any logical person would believe Hughes is worth more than Dahlin. At BEST, you could make a case for him getting paid near the same amount, and even then there's plenty of ammo to show why he should make less.
  3. Probably a touch over $5 ($5.2-$5.5?) for 3 years but yes....think anyone will believe me yet that there's no chance we're signing Hughes for the silly $8x3 +/- numbers like some people are suggesting here. Honestly, people's understanding of contract comprables, RFA vs UFA years etc is kind of sad on here Personally, I hope we do 6 years for him at +/- $7m to coincide with OEL's contract expiring. Petey at around $7x3 and we can get the season started.
  4. Guess I won't be making the trip from the island...
  5. I petition that when anyone makes such a comparison, it is automatically assumed to be "Pre-Canucks Messier".
  6. Absolutely. Now how do we get the toddlers throwing tantrums and voting against their own best interests to join the rest of us in doing that?
  7. You fix the archaic social stance in the party and you still have to deal with the neo-con 'fiscal conservatism' (corporate socialism and hocking Canadian resources to foreigners for cheap) as well as the abysmal environmental record.
  8. And who are your calling 'Western Canadians'? I'm guessing I'm further west than you are.
  9. Gotta wonder who benefits from keeping the status quo...
  10. That's all well and good but those aren't really values of the CPC. They're not 'fiscally conservative', they just believe in socialism for corporations instead of people. Which tends to lead to things you 'righties' care about, actually getting sold off to foreign interests (see the wheat board or the historically mishandled by conservatives oil resources). You guys vote for the 'idea' of a conservative party that doesn't actually exist. It's a mirage, and the reality is actually against your own best interests. Never mind their poor record with the environment you se
  11. Not unless you're blinded by bias and hypocrisy Yet they have actual seats... Hmm. I wasn't aware the environment has been solved already. That's great news! Possibly/likely 3 even.
  12. Kitchener. I'd bet Nanaimo-Ladysmith will be green again too. Likely Saanich-Gulf islands too
  13. Most of the conservative platform is nonsense
  14. Yeah same. Was actually starting to piss me off. Especially since most of it was nonsense
  15. Yeah, it's quite interesting how things are going. Didn't expect this much of a spread this early. Liberals election gamble may have paid off. At the very least their platform will be boosted by Canadians clearly showing they don't want the proposed change of the opposition.
  16. Same https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/elections/federal/2021/results/ Seems pretty good.
  17. Yeah, be nice to see more family/friends, feel more comfortable with having people stay at our house etc (including my whack-a-doo, unvaccinated sister )... Right now, we're just not comfortable risking it.
  18. Yeah, if you're centrist, you're kind of f'd See which party aligns most with your views and which of your local candidates is less of a boob
  19. How long until we get approval for kids to actually GET them? Wife and I would love to send our kids to school, soccer games etc without fearing for their lives every damn day...
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