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  1. The one shot Toronto had to actually make it out of the first round with a gimpy, Covid division... And they still blow it! :lol::wub:

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    2. Ghostsof1915


      It's Grrrrrreat! 

    3. Nuxfanabroad


      & they squandered their 1st on some old token, name-sake who(never once!) got to jump!

    4. Iron Fist

      Iron Fist

      Marner for Jones?

  2. Apparently half of the fan base should be on suicide watch because we're bubble playoff team. AKA just what we were predicted to be.

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    2. RonMexico


      Their rookie goalie got hot too....ours hasn't. 

    3. Vanuckles


      Also that was a very good team (as they went on to prove later in the year) that was at the very bottom of the league... we are right where we are expecting to be.

    4. coastal.view


      welcome to the latest rendition of fandom


      i watched some online discussion about the nba

      you know, the fastest growing league in the world

      players making bundles and stacks of cash

      they have the "best" fan base

      have the most intense and well rounded social media fan base


      what is interesting is that the nba is so far unable to monetize

      the huge online interest of the huge social media presence of its fan base

      and has tinkered with its game a bit to cater to its fan base


      a very large part of the fan base does not watch entire games

      but focuses just on highlights

      and that is what drives their interest

      the spectacular plays that they can watch in rerun time

      the fundamentals of the nba game are starting to disappear

      listen to the so called old timers .. shaq, barkley, thomas, etc complain about the current game.. it is more 1 dimensional.. there is less balanced team play

      modern fans seem to want small snippets

      and more immediate gratification

      there is less patience and attention span


      so when you live so much in the moment

      everything is life or death i guess

      everything is more extreme


      nucks have a talented pool of prospects

      some are in the nhl

      some will be here soon

      it takes time for this to mature

      that requires patience from fans

      and some understanding about what this actually means

      a part of the fan base seems to lack this insight


      i hope the game does not change to cater to these fans though

      i'd miss the game of hockey

  3. Ugggghhhh is it Saturday yet?! Wait all summer for hockey to be back and then 2 and 3 days between games for 2 weeks! :frantic:

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    2. Shift-4


      good reminder that I need to stop at liquor store  lol

    3. aGENT


      See ya there! :towel:

    4. luckylager


















  4. #Fluck Toronto

    1. JM_


      these playoffs are going exactly like I had hoped. Calgary crushed like so much cow poop under a boot. Vegas turfed in a painful way. Tampa exposed as too small. And they joy of the Leaves falling in spring. 


      If Boston can just get turfed by Torts I'll be happy with whoever wins the cup. 

  5. Did everyone forget we were still in the middle of a REBUILD or something? The panic is...:blink:

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    2. 48MPHSlapShot


      I think the thing most people are annoyed at is the lack of push from the young players. Let's face it, other than Pettersson, to a man every young guy that we have high hopes for has disappointed so far. Dahlen? Gaudette? Demko? They've all been disappointing, and it's frustrating to see. Add to that the fact that Boeser, our best offensive player, looks like crap, and yeah, it's cause for concern. 

    3. Twilight Sparkle

      Twilight Sparkle

      ill panic if we haven't figured **** out by december xD  or ill do what i've done the past 3 seasons- just shut it off if we're still sucking by trade deadline to save the stress. fans shouldn't have to stress over a sports team. thats just silly. just shut it off

    4. Coconuts


      We've finally accumulated some decent prospect depth, but prospects are still prospects and prospect depth isn't legit NHL depth. Until some of our prospects take the next step and become legit NHL producers we're gonna struggle because you don't get young players of that ilk via ufa and the producing ufa's don't come cheap and are in high demand.


      Boeser and Horvat are something to be excited about but they need help up front. You can't expect Pettersson to roll in and have a season like Boeser did, all you can do is hope. We're gonna need more from Jake and our tweener middle six guys and our defense as a whole.

  6. I can't even handle CDC right now. Too much panic at the disco.

    1. Green Building

      Green Building

      I would liken it to visiting a playground and watching a horde of youth interact. I mean for that to sound non complimentary. 

  7. Is it our common disdain of government?

  8. Well done in the HST thread there ;)...lol

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