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  1. Yeah, be nice to see more family/friends, feel more comfortable with having people stay at our house etc (including my whack-a-doo, unvaccinated sister )... Right now, we're just not comfortable risking it.
  2. Yeah, if you're centrist, you're kind of f'd See which party aligns most with your views and which of your local candidates is less of a boob
  3. How long until we get approval for kids to actually GET them? Wife and I would love to send our kids to school, soccer games etc without fearing for their lives every damn day...
  4. I love when people answer their own questions
  5. IMO you underestimate the poor taste of people and the fanboys willingness to ignore those looks
  6. First, we'd like to thank agent SB for all his help on these deals and welcome all our knew arrivals aboard. We're expecting big things from these additions, on top of our already solid group. Barring any last minute, depth additions and without further ado, our 2021-22 training camp roster:
  7. We have enough guys with at least middle 6 (+ 'who knows') ceilings to fill in behind guys like Podkolzin, Hoglander etc as they become permanent top 6 fixtures. We really only need a couple of those guys to hit and we will continue to draft guys to eventually replace even those replacements if need be. Miller, Myers, Hamonic, Luongo, Ferland... They all come off in the next few years. We'll be fine for like the next 8-12 years so long a Benning and company can keep cycling in drafted guys in our middle and bottom 6, with the odd guy here and there punching above his weight.
  8. Boeser will be on his third deal including more expensive, UFA years. Pettersson is only on his second deal (assuming a bridge) likely only including cheaper, RFA years. These things aren't the same.
  9. To be fair, assuming Podkolzin and Hoglander continue turning in to the players we're hoping they do, we won't have roster space/top 6 minutes available to keep a guy like Miller anyway. Eventually their play is going to dictate they earn those minutes... And somebody has to go to give them to them. And that somebody will likely be the older guy looking for a raise. And it's just the reality of becoming a good team in a cap league. Eventually you bleed off good players. Happens to every good team... That's how we got Miller in the first place.
  10. Here's what I'm hoping for *fingers crossed* Pettersson 3 x $6,940,000 Hughes 6 x $6,943,000 Fair money but still team friendly to help build a winner with nods to their (and their team mates) numbers.
  11. Don't forget dating girls with some of those issues too
  12. He's very solid defensively. No reason he can't play in the bottom 6.
  13. We do if we move Myers + as I suggested.
  14. Yes he is, but it's $7.5m as I stated. If Boeser continues to be the player he was last year (and likely even better moving forward), he'll likely be worth at least $7.5 (accounting for the mostly UFA years of his next deal) anyway. It's only about a $1.5m raise Boeser, nor his cap is remotely a concern.
  15. No way to know. If we're looking anything like the solid playoff team we appear to be shaping up as, I doubt we'd move him at the TDL that year if it means sacrificing that quality F depth for a playoff run. There's like zero chance the management or players will want to be wondering 'what if', if they move him. Tough as hell to sell that to the locker room. Best prepare yourself for him to walk, or at best, get his rights moved for much less at the draft, after the playoffs. There's a point where you simply need to try to win (and show your remaining players that) at the expense of pure 'asset management'.
  16. Boeser's QO is just over $7m, not $8m. And it makes FAR more sense to trade/let Miller walk to clear the cap required to cover the likes of Boeser, Horvat and Hoglander's raises and let Podkolzin grow in to that role/replace him. Myers will be coming off to cover Hughes' raise if it's a 3 year year bridge. Even better if we get him for a reasonable rate for 6 years, as that's when OEL's deal will be up.
  17. This has to be a forgone conclusion to everyone, no? Miller's cap will eventually go to raises for the young core and Podkolzin will eventually take over his spot. We have plenty of cap to sign both. Calm the &^@# down.
  18. Yeah if this includes trading one I might pick to keep Pettersson given our LD depth and potential for OEL, Rathbone and Juolevi to produce a fair % of Hughes offense while being better defensively and more balanced L to R... Trade Hughes for a top pair RD (and potentially '+') in the mold of 'Ekblad', 'McAvoy' or similar... Probably able to move Myers as well in that scenario... OEL, 'Top pair RD' Rathbone, Hamonic Juolevi, Poolman
  19. Yup, unless they all play along... It really should be easy. I won't be holding my breath though lol
  20. Oh I agree that's a problem. I'm still astounded there are this many people not aware of that blatant bias and willing to put their, their loved ones and their communities lives at stake, and crap all over our medical system/hospitals/health care workers, to cling to their bespoke 'facts'. And again, completely baffled at how this became politicized in the first place. It's a pandemic. It's a medical/science issue. Science and medicine has thankfully given us a HIGHLY effective, and free vaccine, readily available to help minimize the effects, dangers and spread of this pandemic while minimizing the stress on our medical system. Any risks or side effects are in incredibly small numbers (especially when compared to the actual virus). The numbers CLEARLY show this. How/why are there still people not convinced? And absolutely, good on you for having 'seen the light' so to speak Cheers! People too.
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