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  1. Yup, the liberals have plenty of flaws but the conservatives embody FLAWED. Perfection is the enemy of good.
  2. He's become their Obama. #Thanks Trudeau Imagine wasting that much head space and energy hating someone who actually has very little to do with your 'problems' Trudeau the Alberta boogeyman
  3. If he regains even most of his form, probably easily. I'm more interested in the possibility of upgrading on Myers by adding a more proven Juolevi or Rathbone. Myers + one of those guys for a big, legit, top pair RD... Yes please.
  4. Right beside my snowball collection I keep in hell.
  5. Good deal for STL! He was a bit of a long shot for us (as much as I would have loved him). What other solid, 2 way C's are left on the market, just Stall (and Zajac...though likely signing with NYI's)?
  6. Hoglander's what, 5'-10"-11" ? Podkolzin looks a good few inches taller than him there which should put him at at least 6'-2" +/-
  7. Yeah, I call horse $&!# on waiting for Kaprizov. They're barely direct comparables and one guy is clearly holding his team hostage. If that's the tactic Pettersson (his agent) wants to use to help building the 'winning team' he wants to be on, have fun being traded. Thankfully, I highly doubt Benning will cave to such demands (if they're even true).
  8. In an article with a lot of good TD quotes, this one was my favourite. Best thing that any young athlete can learn while still young and able, is just how fleeting it can all be and how fast time can go.
  9. Part of me wonders if they had deals worked out months ago and are just trolling the market... All set to announce the day before camp
  10. And I'd add further that 'clearly better' needs to include at least at par with Juolevi, defensive play and ability to be a secondary pk'er. He can't just be 'ok' defensively and make a bunch of dynamic, offensive plays. We don't need an additional dynamic, offensive/PP D, as exciting as those traits are (and Rathbone has them in spades). We need a guy who can start shifts in his own end, get the puck out and play some PK minutes. Now by all means if Jack can do those things at that same level, on top of his more dynamic offensive play, the spot is his. I'd wager though
  11. As long as neither are able to form government, I'm happy. Let the PPC have the lunatic fringe and split the right ensuring less power for the Cons and their corporate socialism and archaic social and environmental policies. They don't speak for 2/3-3/4 of Canadians.
  12. Yeah, that's the problem with 'tax the rich/corporations' plan. Unless EVERYBODY in the world plays along, your just left with shell corporations etc and emigrating wealth. Unfortunately, the rich will generally find loopholes, or just leave/offshore their money. Where does that leave us? It leaves us with less wealth and the working class still responsible for financing the country. I honestly don't know how you get the wealthy to pay their 'fair share'. A VAT seems the most fair but our fellow BC'ers voted against ours to door the party in power at the time (that still frustrates
  13. Well, even if not as intentioned, I'm happy a post of mine brought joy and laughter to so many I can be a cheeky bugger at times, so I could see how people got the wrong idea
  14. For all those having a chuckle, I was merely listing the parties in addition to the big three for any potential poll. I was not suggesting the Greens were going to win the election, followed by the PPC and Bloc
  15. I believe a mod would have to edit the original post. Or you could simply start a new election thread, with a poll.
  16. Isn't that EXACTLY what triage is for?
  17. Can you do something about this pandemic too? Pretty sure it's responsible for a large portion of our debt/deficit. I'd vote for whoever gets rid of it
  18. One more month until I can Dune....
  19. Taxation isn't a problem. All the top rated for quality of life countries have high taxation. An educated (well funded, socialized education!), informed and engaged electorate who insist those tax dollars are spent wisely, to the long term benefit of it's citizens (including domestic business owners) as well as a 'for all' attitude above a 'me first' attitude are, IMO, the biggest issues/differences to effective taxation. And counter to your thinly veiled (and long proven false) trickle down economics theory, a LOT more money gets 'lost' when wealthy and frequently foreign owned c
  20. No, we have no idea what the 'sticking point' is. Just because we have cap, doesn't mean we need to spend all of it or pay them more than they're worth on shorter term deals. Maybe they've already agreed on 3 year bridge deals and their agent and Benning are arguing over comparables and dollars for that term?
  21. $13+m (depending on roster size) plus Ferland's $3.5m LTIR, if needed.
  22. Not news to anyone paying attention. Pretty clear he went from being the most informative media person in this market to a complete shill for player agents a few years ago.
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