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  1. Platoon all three? Roughly 55 games each offers rest to Edler and practice etc to ease kids in. Or perhaps we trade one kid for a comparable right D with the ED as a pressure point?
  2. So Benning and reportedly Green both back... I hope they have first responders watching all the local bridges
  3. Probably one of the reasons a deal never materialized then eh? He's 29.... For $4m, it's really not that risky. Your anti-Benning bias is projecting again. *Yawn*
  4. Not sure what point there is in a speculative, fantasy trade offer. As you point out given is contract etc, he's not some highly in demand piece. If ARZ wanted out from even part of it, it's not likely we were offering up Podkolzin, Rathbone and a first in return. Salary would have been going back and/or retained. Use your 50% suggestion of you want. $4m OEL at a buy low trade price is easily something I'd hope we'd look at and could have been a good fit here. I'm not upset we got Schmidt instead though.
  5. Yeah, I think he's clearly lower on the priority list but so long as his contract demands are in line with his age and diminishing role on the team... No brainer. We need to get through the draft, ED, look for trades and/or UFA to upgrade/fill potential holes at C and RD. After that we can look at what's left and reasonable to bring Edler back.
  6. Disagree. Potentially. I think Hamonic can certainly be a stop gap 'answer' until a more permanent one can be found (and probably the lowest commitment). I'd also consider Savard or Larsson there as options.
  7. That's the million dollar question right there IMO. If Beagle is out, we either need to find a replacement hard minute, PK guy via trade or UFA or look at bringing Sutter back for 1-2 years (much lower hit). If Beagle IS back, I think we can let guys like Graovac, Boyd, Lind, Jasek etc duke it out for the final C spot for now (then maybe target Jenner in '22 as UFA).
  8. You nor I know the potential trade conditions.... zero ability to judge. Who's saying not to believe them? Those of us not living in a black and white world full of anti-Benning bias can see a boring, non melodramatic reality where management had simple, brief discussions with their representation about being patient while they sort out a few things. You get that it's entirely possible for both things to happen, right?
  9. That's great for him in a rather small sample size for how the coach happens to be using him at the moment, but he's and under 20 minute D that's not first pairing any more than Myers is one at over 22 minutes. That's debatable. He's still not the answer we're looking for. I don't think it does. We'd still need an actual 3C and a RD. The exact same holes are still there. Guys like Roussel, Sutter, Beagle, Motte, Pearson (who came via Gudbranson) etc helped furnish those minutes that allowed him to acclimate to the league so well and contribute to him winning the Calder. They speak directly to the quality of support he recieved. Deployment may have been. Results wouldn't. Then you interpret wrong. How do you interpret those numbers would look with lesser players and/or ill prepared kids foisted in to those hard minute roles? The former, sure. Again, I don't see where we're lacking in those 'B' and 'C' level prospects but absolutely, we could have had a few more if we'd done that. The vets haven't blocked squat. That's complete nonsense. Any kids who've earned it are playing. Our roster is full of them. That's such a lazy, garbage take. You're better than that. Not nearly enough to equal a mountain. We're barely past speed bump.
  10. Not tendering them offers =\= not talking to his UFA's. OEL would have been part of the attempting to improve/not remain static. You nor I have any idea what was going back to Arizona to even critique any potential deal. I thought you were going to stop calling people 'bud', pal?
  11. Not really. Roster freeze, league shut down, play ins/offs, a lack of clarity on what this season was going to be, what the cap situation was etc. There were very few other 'cap clearing' moves in reality. OEL or otherwise and I don't think we're offering contracts before free agency. Too many other balls in the air and we were clearly looking for moves to improve the roster (Schmidt) vs remaining static (signing older, injury prone Tanev to a handcuffing contract with term). It's a fun story you're spining but given the time passed between our final offer and guys signing... Doesn't really play out in reality. Virtanen is unfortunate. He was certainly the fall back/contingent for not being able to retain Toffoli. Shame we didn't simply move him last year (particularly with the hindsight of both his play this season and alleged criminal issues). Zero issue with Holtby. I said elite pest. He's not MacKinnon. I watched him plenty. Prior to his knee injury in both Dallas and here, he was an exceedingly good third liner with borderline, 2nd line production. Stop straw manning... Nobody called him a consistent 2nd line producer. He wasn't 'unable', he was just unfortunately nowhere near his previous ability. He might be there now after appearing to re-injure. *Meaningful. I have no issues pointing out miscues, errors or mistakes. Eriksson is the only meaningful issue. If you think other teams don't have rosters littered with players underperforming due to injury (or otherwise), or marginally 'overpaid', you're the one not being objective. But they do. All over the league. Every year. And players get hurt, underperform etc. Every year. Injuries aren't mistakes. Slight overpayments for key positions aren't 'bad contracts'.
  12. Or what effect a small but vocal portion of the fan base 'cancelling' will actually have on the bottom line. Particularly when the team starts winning again next season.
  13. I don't think our bottom 6 is that far off either. In another year or so Pearson is likely bumped down. We've got Motte and Highmore. We've got a butt load of kids to push for spots the next couple years (Lind, Gadjovich, Lockwood, Jasek, McDonagh, Focht etc) and another draft this year that may help fill some of that as well. I get it, it's hard to see what it looks like next year, the year after etc until we see it... But it's not that far off IMO.
  14. Yeah...I really don't know why this is such a difficult concept to grasp... It's about showing up in September and not already knowing your out of the playoffs. It's about showing up to every game knowing that even if you're not picked as the 'favourite' team to win, that if you do most of the right things in game, you the have you have a chance to win. You train like you have a chance to win. Practice like you have a chance to win and play like you have a chance to win.
  15. More a case of limited, saleable assets to start with, trade clauses, bad injury luck etc. He's largely moved out players when he had realistic opportunity to do so. We just haven't had a lot of opportunity. Only a small fraction of that is his own doing.
  16. The intention was to re-sign him pre Covid. Heck it was even after, and Benning was attempting to clear cap space to do so. Toffoli (understandably, given the circumstances) decided not to wait for that to happen. First, in what world is an elite pest, two way player with borderline 2nd line production a '4th liner'? Second, he didn't 'break down'. This isn't the case of a guy just losing speed and fast twitch muscle use with age related decline. He had a catastrophic, near career ending knee injury. This reimagining of facts is exactly how some of you come to think there's mountains of 'bad' outweighing the 'good'.
  17. Forsling isn't a top pair D... Come on... and after bouncing around how many teams? And McCann wouldn't be 3C here either (or at least not a good one). I'll grant you they're marginal losses (though at least we have Pearson to show for McCann) but none of those guys miraculously turns this ship around like you seem to be insinuating. Proof? Have our prospects been aloud to develop and not be rushed? Are most of them developing well? Was Pettersson not furnished with near 70% ozone starts his rookie year? May as well take Baer of then too as he's likely still contributing or a moveable asset without the concussion issues. As for MDZ and the like... How did he harm the rebuild exactly? He filled a roster spot for a couple years, became ED fodder and has no long term effect at all on cap or anything else. Clearly not a mole hill at all!
  18. Do those three prospects really move the needle? Do any of those UFA's even matter to this core's contention window? Are we in the same position we were when we signed them? Signing those guys is what has allowed the prospects we have, to mature. What if we move Juolevi for a RD? Is that bad?
  19. ear to do it. We don't 'need' to purposely damage the team for a 5-10% or whatever it is chance at one player. If we happen to land him, nobody is complaining and yes, he likely makes another player expendable. Nobody is suggesting we wouldn't make room for him.
  20. As should Buffalo with Okposo. Or the Lucic deal or the Skinner deal or...
  21. That's pretty clearly the plan... Welcome aboard.
  22. Apparently half of the fan base should be on suicide watch because we're bubble playoff team. AKA just what we were predicted to be.

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    2. RonMexico


      Their rookie goalie got hot too....ours hasn't. 

    3. Vanuckles


      Also that was a very good team (as they went on to prove later in the year) that was at the very bottom of the league... we are right where we are expecting to be.

    4. coastal.view


      welcome to the latest rendition of fandom


      i watched some online discussion about the nba

      you know, the fastest growing league in the world

      players making bundles and stacks of cash

      they have the "best" fan base

      have the most intense and well rounded social media fan base


      what is interesting is that the nba is so far unable to monetize

      the huge online interest of the huge social media presence of its fan base

      and has tinkered with its game a bit to cater to its fan base


      a very large part of the fan base does not watch entire games

      but focuses just on highlights

      and that is what drives their interest

      the spectacular plays that they can watch in rerun time

      the fundamentals of the nba game are starting to disappear

      listen to the so called old timers .. shaq, barkley, thomas, etc complain about the current game.. it is more 1 dimensional.. there is less balanced team play

      modern fans seem to want small snippets

      and more immediate gratification

      there is less patience and attention span


      so when you live so much in the moment

      everything is life or death i guess

      everything is more extreme


      nucks have a talented pool of prospects

      some are in the nhl

      some will be here soon

      it takes time for this to mature

      that requires patience from fans

      and some understanding about what this actually means

      a part of the fan base seems to lack this insight


      i hope the game does not change to cater to these fans though

      i'd miss the game of hockey

  23. Ugggghhhh is it Saturday yet?! Wait all summer for hockey to be back and then 2 and 3 days between games for 2 weeks! :frantic:

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    2. Shift-4


      good reminder that I need to stop at liquor store  lol

    3. aGENT


      See ya there! :towel:

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