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  1. All of these guys and the other ones you've mentioned are of varying ages, ability, contract status, teams, cities, taxes etc. Unless you factor for those things, you're not making accurate comparisons. AP gets paid relatively 'less' than Nurse, Werenski etc is because he's now 31 and the back half of his deal is bound to be less productive than a guy like Werenski on the back half of his. So his AAV comes down to factor that in. He's effectively being paid less for those latter years. Likewise for the contender, no taxes, nice city etc. Chabot got less bec
  2. They haven't gone from $7.5-$9.5. Not in the last couple years anyway. More like 5-6 years. Hedman, on a contending team, in a sunny vacation destination, with no taxes, at a young age where he'll be productive over the entire contract was just under $8m 5 years ago. Change any of those favorable variables for worse ones, and that goes up. OEL was $8.25 in the time frame you're talking about just 2-3 years ago. Again in a sunny vacation locale with no taxes. No contender discount though. Never mind Karlsson or Doughty at $11+ in the time frame
  3. It does make sense if you stop ignoring context. Taxes, contending team, frozen crap hole or sunny vacation destination. Never mind age which I haven't even brought up yet. Nurse and Werenski are also 5 and 7 years younger than AP and far more likely to be more productive for the longer portions (all?) of their contracts. You're simply not making good comparisons. Your ignoring data that disagrees with your narrative.
  4. And if Columbus had signed AP, it would have cost them more than what they're paying Werenski. He took a contender, good locale and no tax 'discount' to play in Vegas. In Columbus he's likely a $9.5-$10m D instead of an $8.5m one in Vegas. I'm not suggesting Werenski is a better player.
  5. It's gone up roughly $500k... Maybe $1m (and that' $1m is stretching it IMO and only if you don't account for the 'undesirable locale' tax). On deals that are going to span the next 5'ish years. The cap's already been reported to be going up $1m next year and will continue to go up. So no, not really.
  6. Not really. All those guys would have been making more than the 'old 7' a few years ago, if they had signed then. They're all in a similar pay-category to the likes of OEL who made $8m+ even before this so called 'shift'. At best, you can say the 'old $8-$8.5' is the 'new $8.5-$9'. Ie: really not that big of a jump or the supposed massive shift that's being reported. How much do you think AP would be making without a contender AND no tax discount? To play in Columbus for example, I bet he'd need $9.5+. This isn't 'new'.
  7. Yup, likely Rathbone gets sent down which adds $925k and keeps us at 8 D after Hughes is signed. We currently have 14 forwards not including EP and 15 with him, when he does. So we'll need to demote 3 guys there as well. That's likely the three $750k guys. So all together you're realistically looking at just over $3m of additional space on top of our current $10.6m. All before even touching Ferland's LTIR. Contrary to all the fear mongering, $13.7m+/- is actually enough to sign both to bridge deals. And if we want/need to use the LTIR space, we can.
  8. A few million bucks overpay, for one piddly year of cap space they readily have available They bought (with that cap) a promising young player they like, for far below his normal trade value. While yes, also putting the screws to a team that did the same to them a couple years ago. Masterfully crafted to either get the player or screw the team IMO. Can't wait to see the extension too... Bunch of jerks
  9. You're not accounting for the 'crappy location/team' tax both Edmonton and Columbus have to pay to actually retain quality players. And yes, no/low tax locations make it a little easier to keep guys who probably should be making closer to $9m (on an even playing field), closer to $8m (like AP). Again, guys like Burns, Vlasic, Spurgeon, Letang, Hedman, OEL etc, etc... have been making $7m+ for a good few years now. This isn't 'new'. The climate hasn't 'shifted'. I don't care what some article says when the facts say otherwise.
  10. Jasek hasn't even necessarily 'gone the way of Jasek'... Canucks opted to retain this rights, even with him spending this season in Finland. Good chance he's back in the fold again next year.
  11. UFA years haven't really gone up much at all actually. Top pair, UFA aged D have been making between $7m and $11m+ for quite a few years now. That's just what UFA years of top D cost. The bottom of that range is probably closer to $7.5-$8m now. Not really much of an increase. D RFA bridge deals however have stayed a bit more down to earth, for longer, in comparison to forwards however. Which is why it makes more sense to have a longer bridge for Quinn. Assuming they're both around $6.5-$7m, Petey will likely only be locked up for 3 years at that rate. We should be abl
  12. You might say you're 'bothered' by it
  13. Not bothered at all. IMO, it's not remotely about what fans 'prefer'. That's funny I simply think that's a pretty silly and clearly biased take that completely ignores team needs, players strengths/weaknesses, where those players are likely best served based on those strengths/weaknesses etc. Nobody is suggesting Rathbone isn't good or even that he isn't more exciting or dynamic. He is. Nobody is even suggesting he won't be a better player long term. He very well could be. One need not attack either player to suggest Rathbone would be better served playing in Abby until/if there's
  14. You may have missed all the points he, and others, have made that had nothing to do with waiver status.
  15. I don't think so. This was very carefully crafted to have either a solid chance of succeeding (it did) or completely handcuffing MTL's cap. I'd be shocked if they don't already have a largely agreed upon, cheaper, longer term extension. I doubt the QO even comes in to play. This was a very shrewd move with a solid helping of revenge on the side. And all it cost CAR was one piddly year of cap space they had, and a late 1st/3rd to add a promising, young F.
  16. Remind me not to trade my picks for next year
  17. From commissioner @canuck2xtreme via Discord... The deal has been vetoed by the league as unacceptable and will not proceed. @winterhawks you do not need/are not able to match. @Crabby you may feel free to re-submit a realistic offer if you choose.
  18. Largely, yes. And under any government. Though the Cons do tend to bend over for them more than the other parties or at least the other parties ensure the people actually see some benefit of that pie being sliced up where the Cons just just slash social programs for the people actually paying the taxes. They're also usually the ones selling off control of our resources for pennies on the dollar to 'balance budgets'. Again, frequently to foreigners. Having resources under federal control may be less 'market efficient' but at least we retain control of, and benefit from, them. Not
  19. I think if anything, it's likely to be the opposite. Bridge Petey, long term Hughes.
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