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  1. It's a thing of beauty! But really, of the two, Rathbone is clearly the more 'dynamic' player. A lot of folks conflating 'dynamic' with 'better' though. They're not in fact the same thing. Their schadenfreude shall be delightful in October
  2. I think they're going to end up with similar cap hits right around $6.5-$7m. Petety will be on a 3 year bridge and Hughes longer term at 5-6 years.
  3. Awful lot of CDC'ers are setting themselves up for disappointment by ignoring that pretty blatant reality and being blinded by Rathbone's (admittedly impressive) 'flashiness' IMO.
  4. Probably a bit pricy coming off his ELC but if he was on a more reasonable 3 year bridge for around $4m and then extended, the average likely ends up as high, or higher over 6 years. This will likely be a bargain in a couple years.
  5. Somebody check on @PhillipBlunt. I'm worried for him.
  6. Myers + OJ for an expiring RD that's not going to re-sign?.. Certainly possible.
  7. Eventually, I could actually see Juolevi-Rathbone as a very good, complementary, 2nd pair (if Rathbone moves to the right). At some point though, something is likely going to have to give. My guess is we end up packaging one for a big, top pair, RD. Perhaps with Myers to make cap etc work.
  8. They could also trade someone. As for the bolded, Rathbone could also stand to continue working on his defensive play in Abbotsford. With OEL and Hughes ahead of him, he wouldn't get the offensive opportunity here, given his current state of development, that he'd need to flourish IMO. The team needs a secondary PK/defensive zone D right now more than it needs a 4th PP, offensive zone option. That's likely Juolevi... as resistant as much of CDC will be to that fact.
  9. Just to be clear, I'm in no way suggesting Barzal is clearly head and shoulders above Petey. But I think it's pretty clear he should be making around the same $ and not drastically more than Barzal (as many are suggesting) at this point.
  10. Agreed. I'm actually interested to see how Hughes and Poolman look together (assuming we hopefully see them tried in preseason). He's a better skater than Hamonic, which could mesh well with Hughes, and that would allow us to play Hamonic alongside OEL. OEL, Hamonic Hughes, Poolman Juolevi, Myers Hunt, Schenn And if not, we can always fall back on Hughes-Hamonic as a pair.
  11. Glad to have Motter back for another year and congrats on his engagement!
  12. Barzal is a better skater, better on face offs, weighs more and puts up just shy offence, on a FAR more defensively coached team (with arguably inferior line mates). Have those two players swap teams/coaches/line mates and I think you'd see largely opposite scoring.
  13. Pretty sure it's been all but confirmed as of like months (a year?) ago, that they'd be on bridge deals. Makes the most sense for both players and the team. The players get through their lower dollar RFA years while escrow is high (Covid). The team gets lower cap, bridge deals, that reduce long term risk and short term costs while profits are down (Covid). These were always going to be bridge deals. Can't wait for Kypreos to tweet out how water is wet next.
  14. $6.940m... With a nod to his and his line mate's numbers
  15. You realize they're walking out because they're overwhelmed and frustrated with the Covid cases, because not enough people in interior health are following mask mandates, distancing rules or getting vaccinated, right?
  16. Can always be better, right?! I suggest charging Trudeau some rent for all that space he's taking in your head for free. Supplemental revenue stream bruh
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