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  1. Had a black V Tanti jersey when I was 8 y/o. I was gutted my mom got rid of it because I outgrew it. I've always wanted to get another one.
  2. Virtanen if from New Westminster. I knew there would be problems..
  3. 17 - (-2) Yes, the canucks will have two goals taken from them.
  4. Funny how a few of us are saying: Sedin Sedin Bertuzzi Did everyone forget that was a 3rd line while Bertuzzi was still playing the top line with West Coast Express?
  5. They played last night and are playing tonight. And played back to back last Saturday and Sunday. My math was off, it's 6 games in 8 days... Wow.
  6. I knew after the first game that Vegas would gas themselves out. You can't consistently play that way, especially with 2 back to back games in the same series. Whoever wins will have to play Sunday, which is 6 games in 8 days. Terrible scheduling. Let's finish this one out! Coconuts Go!
  7. Ha! I was a QA tester for EA NHL 08 and remember that song. It was the same year we introduced the previous logo with the VANCOUVER writing added. I was able to see it months before it was shown to media.
  8. Damn fruits! *looks at username* Oh...
  9. Personal story about how humble Linden really is. I worked as a night auditor at a hotel in 2004 (during the lockout), Linden was staying and came in at 2am asking for another room key. He showed me his ID. I told him he didn't have to do that, I knew who he was. He just replied, "yeah, I don't want to take it for granted."
  10. Revised Schedule This link is saying the game start is at 6:45 pst. As well as nhl.com
  11. This quickly turned into the "Burrows? Do we really need him?" thread all over again.
  12. Closest prediction. Overestimated Vancouver though. And got the game winner!
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