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  1. Nope. Hahah. Mac deserved a game. This season has sucked anyway. Ive been on team tank since returning from the covid break. I want to see some nice goals, big hits, big saves, and the Canucks losing. It’s actually been a lot of fun watching games with nothing invested in either team.
  2. How can anyone even argue against that? He is lucky he didn’t get more. While he didn’t get great contact, he 100% tried to knee Nurse in the head.
  3. Most people I’ve talked to about him, like the guy but hate the party. He comes off as intelligent and compassionate. He also represents a party of potatoes that has a horrible track record while in power.
  4. Agreed. I wouldn’t wish death on anyone, let alone the Prime Minister. Imagine the mess that would follow. Only an idiot would wish that on someone.
  5. That’s a lot of large assumptions about a person you’ve never met. Cool. Or, He didn’t want to play here and used the Canucks as leverage. Not an uncommon move at all, and not crazy to think someone would rather be rich playing hockey in their home town.
  6. I’m gonna guess Diamond and Tryamkin used leaving to Vancouver as leverage to get a better contract in Russia. He has never had any real intention in coming back to Van. He got his money and 3 year deal, and gets to stay home where he wants to be. Good Riddance
  7. Boo boo. We can get better for cheaper. Now we can finally lock up this thread and be done with this guy
  8. A friend suggested I listen to the new Offspring album. When I’m allowed within 6’ of him, I’m slapping his face. What a stupid album. It’s terrible.
  9. Oh well. Clarke will go top 5. we need to lose a lot more games.
  10. You got to be a real tough guy to jump Alex Edler. Ffs. That was sad. where was the instigator call!??!!
  11. I’ve missed the first two periods other than a couple minutes of radio. wtf? Can someone please explain what the hell happened here? Hahah
  12. Shink sucked too. Hahaha. I know what you mean though. Shink just had that feeling of potential fire around him. I never got that with Guadette.
  13. So I gotta say, I kinda agree with Button here. Ehile it would be cool to sign him, we could just as easily sign someone else, possibly better. And we wouldn’t have to do it before the Expansion Draft. Tryamkin camp obviously wants to get this done ASAP, and will be putting pressure on the Canucks to get it done. That means he needs to be protected in the expansion draft. Id wait him out, or sign someone else. lots to pick from
  14. No we didn’t. Im not even a Gaudette fan. He is a scrawny little boy who doesn’t have enough skill to make up for his lack of size. Not good enough to be a top 6, and doesn’t have the skill set to be effective in the bottom 6. Even with all that being said, we still lost the trade. Highmore is a nothing player. I’m sure he is a great fella, but the NHL won’t be his long term career, unless he is great at sharpening skates or something. AG sucks, but is still much better than Highmore. Expansion draft fodder doesn’t mean a thing here either. We co
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