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  1. If EP gets offer sheeted 8-9x8 the extra 4.75 cap from this deal goes a long way. We’ll need to make room but the impact will be a lot less. i.e. we pay EP and QH before the rest with peace of mind We can also flip Schmidt now without our backs against the cap wall
  2. Didn’t say that, but OEL at 7 M at 35 6 years vs Edler at 35 this year is a calculated risk, much better than signing LE to 6x6 at 30. Personally I would’ve let the cap shed off naturally and taken another down season next but respect JB getting out of his cap troubles and adding 2 legit players for a 9OA. He can now move Schmidt if he wants to without his back against the cap And building a winner is more than the draft, we’ve been needing D for years and BPA does not always fill holes in the team. A GM needs to use all the tools in his arsenal to build a winner
  3. You are in denial on what’s coming back. We likely win this trade in the long run. You are over valuing a 9OA and this draft was a crap shoot given Covid, we dis not miss out on a need (Clarke/MacTavish) it was a calculated deal and si far JB is ahead
  4. 9th overall more likely to be less than 2 proven NHL players, but get your point, fact that Clarke was gone at 9 JB is ahead on this Personally I take NHL players over maybes almost every time and we got two
  5. Players like Miller on the third line is what we need to be a contender. Horvat is 3rd line in Pittsburg. If their feelings are hurt move them out
  6. First reaction was WTF, but after reflection JB moved us from a cap problem to in the cat bird seat while improving us for the mid-term. He can now make all his remaining off-seasons moves without the cap at his back and other than re-signing Hamonic had no need to pay UFAs OEL at 7 M at 35-36 vs Edler 6 M at the same age is a simlar risk in my mind and much better than forking out 6x6 to LE at 30 Garland let’s us move Miller to third line C with Podz plus to roll 3 scoring lines I am OK with this, not what I would’ve done but I respect it
  7. Trevor Linden says hi 80 points in 79 games before Messier. His regular season production over that period was the order of 80-85% i.e. his production went up in the playoffs vs many of the disappearing acts we had after that (cough cough Naslund, Bertuzzi, Sedins cough cough)
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