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  1. Don’t get this one, outcome was fairly obvious as the upside with this player far out weighs any risk. Kid showed better than all the journeyman plugs in camp with limited 4th line minutes, better than Podz and better than a fair number of the top 9 nhl veterans that had a guaranteed spot in the lineup. There were enough injury holes to give the kid a spot and 10-15 game NHL audition He shows well he’s a cheap addition He struggles then he’s less likely to be grabbed on the way down going 15g in 19 games, showing well in limited minutes against lopsided opponents in preseason and showing marked improvement on his skating for sure he’d be grabbed by a bottom feeder like San Jose looking for youth with upside Nothing worse than pigeon holing players into a fixed role.
  2. I think he’s the bright spot of camp/preseason so far. Definitely shining above many including a number of the regular NHLers
  3. This team is all Jim but Horvat, win or lose it is all him from here on out
  4. Definitely a big opportunity this year. OEL of old would be a huge win
  5. Petey’s deal is good Hughes for sure there is risk and reward.
  6. This whole RFA shenanigans started with this Du(m)bas. In my line of work you have to work two years above your level to get a level change this guy gives you two for free
  7. JB has been really good at resigning players to fair deals on both sides of the coin. Something he doesn’t get enough credit for
  8. The guy has put in the time and is clearly ready for a shot. It would be such a shame to lose him for nothing at this point. Remember the general out cry when Frankie Corrado was claimed, the CDC should break if we lose this guy
  9. I am fine with big Mac as the 13th guy for extra truculence when needed. Gadjovich ceiling has always been high if he could deal with his skating
  10. Me too! The guy has the feet for it now and has looked really good. If Gino can score 16 goals riding shotgun with Bure so can Jonah with these guys. Though honestly Bure could’ve scored much more that year if he just shot rather than dishing it to Gino on every 2 on 1.
  11. Yes this is well documented here upwards of 16.5 M depending on the final roster. Funny how many media outlets couldn’t get past the 11ish M on cap friendly, like they can’t use a spreadsheet
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