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  1. I’d go further back to Lumme
  2. Lol bro, and the don’t pass point to point through two guys memo got stuck in Covid quarantine
  3. For me being “greatest” is more than being “best” Bieksa Gordie Howe hat trick after pummelling Marleau swung the SJ series in 2011
  4. Signed or not I hope these guys are in town by the end of the week. Need to settle and recover from jet lag. If Petey fly’s in from Sweden the week before the season starts he and the team will be off to a sluggish start My guess though is they are timing it to miss the bag skate
  5. Voted Kevin “Superman Punch” Bieksa He one punched dropped at a very high rate and lost/drew few fights More a favourite than a best vote as yes Brashear reigned the league for awhile so get that sentiment
  6. Math says Linden Linden = Bertuzzi and McCabe McCabe = a Sedin Bertuzzi = Luongo Linden = a Sedin and Luongo
  7. Sorry had to check my facts, Lindros played in 92, Nedved played with Paul Kariya in 94. Had my super stars mixed up
  8. He played for Canada with Lindros (another hold out) in the 94 Winter Olympics. If I recall his number choice of 93 reflects when he became a Canadian citizen
  9. That should put a pin in the theory that Podz grew 3 inches and topped 6’4” post draft
  10. Linden’s pair in game 7 of the 94 finals, closest we’ve ever been to the promised land. Both huge individual efforts
  11. For a player like Linden a cup in 94 was his HHOF entry that series was legendary and his game 7 performance in a win would have vaulted him into a stanley cup legend giving him pretty much a HHOF bye
  12. Bure yes, twins only cause they are twins
  13. Lol, Linden was a ppg in the playoffs from 18 to 26 before being traded as 70+ regular season player Henrik was struggling to produce a ppg in the playoffs when he was a 90+ regular season player in his prime one is a beast the other is a disappointment, as was Naslund, Bertuzzi and Daniel
  14. You need look at that in context, before being traded he was 80 in 79
  15. Cup in 94 HHOF he was that close, regular season stuff is icing. Only two goals in game 7 and his body was a mess Edit: he was built for the playoffs and only got better in them while the chaff disappeared, Sedins, Naslund and Bertuzzi do not hold a candle to Linden in the playoffs, only Bure was able to maintain regular season performance in the playoffs whereas Linden went into beast mode. Greatest Canuck ever
  16. Interesting take, would be interesting to see this in the context of total puck battles rather than minutes played but agree with your sentiment. Brock is due a break out year offensively and all other aspects of his game have improved year in year out.
  17. They need OJ to pan out, Rathbone is more of the same and trade bait in my mind. I’d honestly trade Hughes for a top all-round RHD though if Rathbone projects as a 30-40 point Stecher as we are unfortunately married to OEL at this point. OEL-Ekblad OJ-Myers Bone-Hamonic Feels more rounded
  18. It’s the sheltered part he needs to work through before getting paid. I was concerned that Green was going to break him last year as every time he double shifted him when we were down a goal it seemed 5 minutes later we were down 3 goals. Hope I don’t see a Hughes-Myers shift now that they’ve picked up OEL lol. As I said previously a Boeser like contract with 7ish M at the end is fair to both sides and guarantees a 21 year old kid multiple lifetimes of earnings before he’s 25. Personally I am not a fan of giving a 21-22 yo kid a guarantee of 50+ M in earnings for what he may be
  19. Hughes was horrendous 5v5 last year, he’s not ready for top minutes and may never be. That’s a bridge to me or a more realistic long term deal that favours the team. Petey has no real holes in his game which means he should be getting paid 6-7 next year for what he is and in a much better bargaining position for his potential 7+ on a bridge or 8+ with term for Petey (Barzal and Johnny Hockey good comparables cap% wise in the data above)
  20. Too many holes that may never be filled in Hughes game to sign for that money for that long. He’s not more valuable the Barrie as he is. Bridge him, 4.5, 5,5 and 7 across 3 years. Pays him for what he is today and gives him the benefit of the doubt he gets there in three years Petey on the other hand should get the order of 6-7M for what he is today (near ppg 30 goal scorer), lock him up long term as he will only get better with man strength and more meat on those bones
  21. Yes basically JB says to agent figure it out for this much $$$ and for sure Petey is in the better position to grab the most $$$. The only question is term Edit: I like 3-4 years and >6 years because they line up with Myers and OEL coming off the books which are the only obvious net gains in cap over the next 6 years
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