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  1. I'd be surprised if Florida doesn't grab him for free...then flip him in the summer for a bag of pucks when Ekblad is back and skating...with LTIR they have the capspace for his hit...and come playoffs (if Ekblad makes it back for a deep run) then he would provide some depth insurance.
  2. So you're saying that there's no point to a thread that discusses what might have been? I think if we were running the team and our top managers were constantly living in the past and bringing up past shoulda, coulda, woulda's to make points, then I would get irritated by it as well. But since we're all just fans of the team and have no executive stake, I think it's OK for each person to express their opinions...but only if it's OK with you of course.
  3. Sarcasm...but if I had to choose between Loui or TT...I'll take Toffoli. Real worth? If LE made 1.75m, Sutter made 2.25m, Beagle and Roussel made 1.75m each, then that would have freed up about 9mil, so we'd still have TT and Stetch...but 20/20 hindsight doesn't help much. If we'd have offered LE, Beags and Rous those figures, they never would have signed. And if we only offered Sutter a 2.25m extension, he wouldn't have re-upped. So it sucks now but in reality we wouldn't have them without the overpriced contracts...gotta love free-agency eh? I think that the NHL needs a retention clause
  4. We got to keep Eriksson, Sutter, Beagle and Roussel...so there's that...
  5. We're officially sliding the goose into the oven now...in a few days it should be cooked...
  6. Apologies if discussed somewhere in the previous 15 pages...what is the status of Ferland? If the NHL rules him to be an eligible player then we MUST burn a spot to protect him do we not (full NMC)?
  7. ^THIS^...we have a losing record right now against EVERY team in our division except Ottawa (we're 5-0). So no matter how much we step it up we will also need help from the teams above us. No more head to heads against MTL so sweeping them can't help us. If all we do is beat up on Ottawa and Calgary then we will finish a comfortable 5th. We will need to beat up WPG (3 GR) / EDM (4 GR) / TML (3 GR)...take 2/3 off WPG + 3/4 off EDM & 2/3 off TML AND Les Habs need to stumble a bit in their remaining games...THEN just MAYBE we might have a shot to squeak into the playoffs in 4th place...
  8. It doesn't matter where you are on earth, if the game starts in 17 minutes, it starts in 17 minutes. Otherwise, I'm just gonna call a buddy in NFLD and ask him what the score was so I can lay down some cash and win big. A countdown timer is a countdown timer to an event time, no matter what time zone it is in or what time zone you're in...we should all be seeing the same countdown timer.
  10. Yup...mine's different...it says 2 Days 0 hours 45 minutes 15 seconds
  11. I don't have a different Canucks homepage than you folks do...do I? I'm starting to wonder... OK, what does your countdown timer say right now (the one on the Canucks Homepage...NEXT HOME GAME...right side)?
  12. OK this is weird...if the game starts in 1 hour (7pm PST) why did the countdown clock count down to 6pm PST then reset to the next game in 2 days. Seriously, I've never looked at that countdown clock before, I'm just wondering why there's a discrepancy. Anyone know?
  13. According to the countdown clock it says the game starts in 2 minutes...is that correct?
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