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  1. with Zack gone now this is awesome as he is a better player
  2. watch him play he has good offensive skills and his D does need work but that will come as many have said he is one of the most coachable players and is improving
  3. so far OJ seems decent and Rahbone looks ready big decision to whom will make the team or both but to me you do not over play the top pairings as mid season they will start showing the harm it does, play all we have a good D so play them
  4. I agree JB has always been a players GM , but is all business when he has to be
  5. Woo is far from ready and need a year maybe two before we bring him up
  6. well all along I have said EP was worth 7 to 7.5 so great signing, QH wow pay day for a player that is yet to prove himself as an all round player saying this I am happy we got our guys back and now is the time for us to start winning
  7. our D group without QH will be good, with him we will be great we have made our team better but hold outs will hurt us, but not as much as people think
  8. alay thought if OEL was on a better team he would be a lot better, we will see as so far he does look good
  9. well hope it is not like last year where we do good at the start of games then blow it, or do bad to start and do not score enough to win but come close
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