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  1. Sutter is a good player and this contract screams DEAL!!!! I can see him being the 3C
  2. me I say this OJ will get 900'000 1 year Dickinson will get 2 mill 3 years both EP and QH will get 6 to 6.5 a year 4 years
  3. everyone who played with, or coached him thinks he will stick on the team and who knows maybe make a top 4 spot
  4. I do not think so as both Green and JB think if a player is better or earned a spot they play no matter means Bone will play and OJ will sit in the stands!!
  5. Buffalo would ask for 3 to 4 1st's in this deal and we would never do that. Plus we have players we like so why bother trading if we think ours are just as good if not better??
  6. glad to see him back a great PKer and when healthy is a good bottom 3rd 4th liner!
  7. well I see it this way, we sign 3 RHD that are good defensively so does this mean Myers is on the way out??? If not why all three??
  8. Me I would give them both 7 and have one year of rfa left to resign or trade, plus a nice signing bonus!!! I do not know why we have 4 RHD's maybe one will be traded so we can get cap space and sign dickenson
  9. awesome a hard to find player and we got him locked up!!
  10. well if they give us something back like a good RHD then I say YES if not put the price at a 2nd round pick next year!
  11. of sorry might have but if we can get a RHD back would help us!
  12. maybe Nate and Holtby for Kevan Miller and a pick next year or Clifton and a pick next year
  13. what another team will pay him 1 mill ????
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