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  1. I agree he should start in the minors with utica He has the skill but he still needs work and will only get better, maybe mid season or when Sutter gets hurt you call him up
  2. will be nice to have two fighting for the starting spot here in Van!
  3. well I think he will do just fine as he has the will and that makes a player better he now knows what the game play is like and should adjust quickly and be effective
  4. well guess NHL speed and his are the same thing to you,but the game is faster then what he is used to playing he has speed and skill just going forward he will get used to it and better
  5. Gaudette just needs time to realize the nhl speed and he needs more muscle then we will really see what he has which so far looks to be good
  6. goalie of the future me hopes maybe 4 years from now and Demko should be here
  7. Future looks bright for the first time since Linden was signed as the Twins when signed we had no clue how good they would be.They turned out great, but the Linden signing was a more exciting signing, now we are close to that again!!!!

  8. Canucks better not get a soft player or more young D that will take 5 years to mature!!

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    2. smithers joe

      smithers joe

      benning will draft the player they believe will be best for the franchise. whoever they pick, i wish him well. whoever they pick will rankle some fans. that's why they get paid the big bucks. 

    3. cripplereh


      I disagree we have many young players and our lineup cept the twins and Eriksson are young, so should be 2 years and we should be a playoff team


      If not then something is wrong

    4. Jam126


      Chill out.

  9. awesome to get more depth at D as we have one to many right now, but after the Vegas draft we might still have an extra to trade, if not well we have two or three that might make the team next year so we will see what happens this off season!!
  10. good we shall have fights for spots and means we will finally see a good young group coming in maybe more deals by season start
  11. Now that TDL is gone hope this off season Bo becomes a bigger leader and shows Jake how to become an NHLer!

  12. :towel:I would not be surprised if the twins are not traded :towel:

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    2. cripplereh


      LOL we can hope

    3. Green Building

      Green Building

      If any 2 players retire in blue and green, it's these guys. I can't see them playing in another jersey, especially all of next season. It would be too weird. 

    4. cripplereh


      true I do not think so but if they want to win a cup and are serious about it I could see them going , but again they are humble and do not think they would want to play for anyone but us.I do want them to get a cup so I say maybe a 10% chance if that!

  13. yes they would if an injury happens and he is the main guy left at TDL for their chance to make a run
  14. I agree he has upside and hope we do not rush him with our D now
  15. keep Jake down for ten games or more!:angry:

    1. SabreFan1


      Or just trade the poor guy to a GM, Coach, and team that wants him.  All of this AHL drama is just going to lower his overall value if a trade involving him is done in the near future.

    2. cripplereh


      true but he needs to play and if plays well could be recalled and stay and play well


    3. SabreFan1


      If the coach and GM doesn't want him to play then all of the wishful thinking in the world isn't going to help at this point.


      As of right now, he looks like trade bait.  The longer that they jerk him around the NHL/AHL line-ups, the less he's going to be worth.

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