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  1. I agree with that and yes people take things differenly then the person saying or texting means, saying this lots do it all the time, so why not think positive instead of always thinking the worst??
  2. actually the bottom is the most important place and people have been using that saying wrong
  3. well to me it can be used as look at what the word means not what you think it means used properly it is not offensive useless you take it that way
  4. I think unless something really big for a deal falls into JB lap, or one of the twon unsigned players wants out, we will not see anything else done as there is not need right now to change anything
  5. Myers is a good defender, every game twice if not more he uses his length in front of the net to take a scoring chance away, those might be goals, plus he does use his body, so people have to chill as he is agressive and yes takes the odd 2 minutes but hey least he is doing a good job
  6. so Podz is 6'4" must have grown a couple inches this summer
  7. hope he stays away from our team, but he will get a trade and do well as usual
  8. I would hope that they both sign sooner then later to be ready for the season, holding out only hurts both players
  9. well since QH has not signed yet, looks like he would get the same or less to me and I think that is the problem he wants more but is he worth it looking at this contract
  10. like to see this as he will push for a spot, meaning others will have to step it up!
  11. wow he knows nothing about how contracts go, you do not always get what you want and only get what is your value which it seems him and his family think QH should be getting more the canucks are not one of the worst teams we will be better, but him saying that also shows its the players fault for not playing their best which means less money for a contract
  12. NO Rathbone is going to work into a good D for us
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